Are we raising a pampered generation?

cikgu-rotan-pembuli-sekolah-1By Aaron Denison

I remember the days when my mother used to hit me with a cane because I was not behaving myself at home.

If she was not able to find the cane that I hid, she would then hit me with a cloth hanger.

This was how I was brought up as a child although I was the only child in the family. My mother did not tolerate bad behaviour at all.

When I enrolled in primary school, I remember my mother having a conversation with my class teacher saying that she could just hit me if I was misbehaving and my mother got her wish.

Yes, it was painful but somehow such actions disciplined me and made me the person I am today.

I would have been a rebellious kid if my mother had not been strict and I am grateful to her for bringing me up this way because I was not pampered despite being the only child.

In addition to becoming rebellious, I would have been a spoilt brat if my mother was not strict or did not lay a finger on me.

I am thankful to my school teachers who were also strict with me and it was because of their guidance too, that I became a useful teenager in school.

It was the fear for my teachers that disciplined me during my school days.

Now, in reference to the “Cikgu Azizan” case, it is indeed shocking that a school teacher has been charged in court and is having to face trial, based on a report by the parents of a boy who was said to have been punished because he was allegedly misbehaving in school.

He was caught for bullying other students, sniffing glue and influencing three other students to do the same, as well as beating up other students and playing truant.

Based on these acts carried out by the student, it was the teacher’s responsibility to discipline the boy so that others might not follow his bad example.

For me, the teacher was only doing his duty as well as his responsibility in trying to discipline the student.

Rather than prosecuting the teacher, the parents should thank the teacher for disciplining their child.

It is clear that the student is at fault and the teacher was only carrying out his role as a second parent in school.

If the student can’t even follow a simple school rule imagine what would happen when he one day leaves school.

It goes to show that the present generation are tremendously pampered by their parents regardless of their behaviour.

Some parents don’t even raise their voice to their children although they might be misbehaving. What kind of young generation are we raising?

Why are we breeding spoilt brats? We should not let them get away easily when they misbehave and we should punish them if they are at fault so that they do not repeat the same mistakes again.

I am definitely on the side of Cikgu Azizan and hope that justice is served with him being freed of the charges brought against him.

Parents should learn to educate their kids by being strict rather than pampering them to become spoilt brats.

Aaron Denison is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.

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