Vote to ensure Malaysia gains respect again

Informed citizens are excited about the most gruelling and historic 14th general election next week. Malaysians from all walks of life are now seeing the need to choose an accountable government that ensures a safe future.

Looking at both sides of the divide, one is bound to come to the conclusion that a new leadership is required to steer the country to greater heights. It is our utmost duty to address the issues affecting our country before it is too late.

An accountable government is all that Malaysians need now. We need leaders who can own up to their mistakes and be daring enough to undertake corrective measures to address the problems the nation is saddled with.

While the caretaker Prime Minister Najib Razak may have realised his mistakes and has contributed his share to the country’s development, it is too late for any remorse for mistakes done. Dr Mahathir Mohamad has a fair share of blame to shoulder. The difference is that Dr Mahathir has accepted his shortcomings and is willing to change his policies. This is the mark of a statesman.

Dr Mahathir laid concrete policies to take Malaysia a step ahead and had the interest of the nation at heart. Despite the weaknesses during his rule, one must accept the fact that Malaysia was much respected worldwide for all the good reasons.

We have all come to a crucial point in history. We have to decide the direction of our beloved country. If corrective measures and decisions are not taken now, we will land up as another Greece, a failed country.

For the greater good of the nation and continued socio-political stability, it is wise for the citizenry to vote responsible and conscientious leaders to spearhead the country to greater heights.

Let us not be fooled by empty promises. We have an urgent duty and responsibility to pick the right candidates to capture the lost glory Malaysia once enjoyed.

Chandrasekaran Veeraiah is an FMT reader.

The views expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.