Muslims failing, really?

I refer to the article by Moaz Nair, “Why Muslims are failing in society”, published by FMT on July 19, 2018.

I feel it is my responsibility to write to express my concern on what FMT stands for.

Why allow such articles to be posted when you do not have statistics to show that Muslims are failing in society? Where is the data to prove this statement?

Where are the facts to back claims that Islamic Sufis such as Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Sina, etc., are free thinkers? Also, where is the proof that we denounce Sufis as a danger to society?

As much as I would like to read this article without prejudice, why is the writer writing so much on Salafi ideals when Muslims of Malaysia follow the practice of Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaah?

To educate people in FMT on what Islam is about based on the ridiculous claims in this article:

1. Islam looks forward, not backwards. The first surah (Al-Alaq) in the Quran requires every Muslim to educate themselves on how to read.

Further interpretations of the surah encourages people in general to ensure that they are always exploring and learning this world created by Allah, to uncover mysteries and knowledge previously not known to men before them. Please read this surah and its interpretation.

2. Slavery is part of Islam in which the religion frees them from oppression. I encourage you to do research on the first few people who were reached out to when spreading Islam and the code of conduct of war that Muslims must abide by, including treatment of prisoners of war.

Do more research on treatment of women in Islam. There is no such thing as sex slavery as cooked up by the writer.

3. Malaysian Muslims and most Muslims of the world follow the practice of Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaah. We view Quran as the main source of guidance and hadith as a supplementary source of review.

The writer’s claim that we dispute over the hadith is incomplete, as Islamic scholars have long segregated them by authenticity to stop those who want to misuse hadiths for personal use.

Finally, educate yourselves on comparative religion before approving articles such as this. Malaysia is a Muslim majority country despite rational claims of us being a secular country.

Respect the religion of the masses and use this platform to educate yourself and them. This article is misguided and misguiding and if reported to the authorities by people more powerful than me, can be more than damaging, especially when written in a way to incite anger among neutral, peaceful, intellectual practising Muslims who somehow do not get reflected in it at all.

Last but not least, don’t use theology as a reason to justify the actions of a few. While Islam comes in many different schools of thought, so do other religions as well as atheism: televangelicals in the US, violent monks of Myanmar, false gods among Hindus, falsified facts in scientology and zoroastrology, believers of Satanism and aggressive atheists to name a few.

Terrorism does not have a religion. Sex slavery is part of a sick doctrine, much less part of any beautiful religion. Same goes for individuals who use Islam as a medium to misguide others using their opinions and individual understanding of Islam.

And by the way, Dr Wan Wardatul Amani Wan Salim, a hijab-wearing Malaysian, was in the team who lead 28 progressive thinkers to launch a NASA satellite to space, which unsurprisingly, was not covered by FMT.

I sincerely pray that you guys learn from this email and that you will have it in your heart to learn more about Islam. You’re a platform which many subscribe to, don’t bring down Malaysia from the inside with such backward articles.

Amer Aqel Amer Nordin is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.

Editor’s note: Our disclaimer appended to every published comment piece is self-explanatory in responding to claims made in the above letter.