No need to teach ICT outside the classroom

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I have been reading news about the teaching of the ICT literacy programme in Chinese primary schools.

Since I do not know how the programme is taught as an additional lesson during school hours, I will refrain from saying too much about it.

However, as a former education technology lecturer at the Teachers’ Training College, I agree that teachers have been trained in integrating technology to make teaching more effective.

By the time they graduate, they should have sufficient know-how to guide their students to use ICT in the classroom. They need not turn to outside vendors for help.

I certainly do not agree that ICT literacy classes need to be taught outside the classroom during the primary school years.

The best approach to ICT is employing an integrated approach rather than teaching it as a separate subject outside the normal curriculum.

Professional bodies such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children strongly advocate the integration of technology into daily classroom teaching and learning. When these tools are used effectively, they enhance children’s learning and support educational goals.

Young children need to see that technology devices are used meaningfully and for real-life purposes; that these are tools that can help solve problems in the world.

Every trained teacher should be able to guide their students to search for information on the internet, to document their findings through the use of word processors, and to present their findings through the use of presentation software.

A Former Education Technology Lecturer is an FMT reader.

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