When ‘study’ is a dangerous word

The word “study” is dangerous if used by the government and if used without qualification.

There are now many “studies” but I doubt there are serious attempts to look at the timeframes and the outcomes of those studies.

In case some have not noticed, the Balakong by-election has promised even more unbounded studies.

The government is now “studying” to set up more Chinese primary schools although those approved earlier have not yet been built. Why promise to study additional schools when not a single one of the 10 approved by the previous government has been implemented?

Seriously, I expect a little more sincerity from the new government. The general election is over, please don’t mislead and hoodwink the people any longer just for one additional seat in the Selangor state assembly.

The government is also “studying” the recognition of UEC qualification although it was promised earlier. The new factors being considered in the study and the timeframe needed were, however, not mentioned. They just promised us that it would not take another 60 years, which, to me, is a sign of reneging on a promise and an indication of arrogance to the core.

The government is “studying” the tenure of land titles of Chinese new villages in Perak. Although the people have been waiting for more than 60 years, the new government is still contemplating and undecided. I doubt the tenacity of those fighting for the new villages and I doubt the sincerity of the PH coalition partners.

Talking about Chinese new villages, those in Balakong are now in the limelight and are promised even more studies in terms of infrastructure, flood mitigation and accessibility. My feeling is they can dream on; nothing is going to happen. The new government has too many things on its mind, like having a new theme park in Langkawi or another national car project.

We thought at one time the genesis of Penang’s problems with broken infrastructure and facilities was due to Putrajaya. We were told the airport had broken at its seams. We were told the flood havoc was caused by a lack of river dredging and mitigation projects. We were told the whole city was in gridlock because there was no LRT et cetera.

Has Penang started anything meaningful since May 9? Looks like we are still in the midst of endless talking and studying on the best way forward.

I am not an alarmist, but I think it is time for the new government to disentangle itself from its “study” inertia.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.