Is it really that difficult to know where Jho Low is?

Reuters pic.

I refer to a news item that said police are not sabotaging the hunt for fugitive businessman Jho Low.

Jho Low, or Low Taek Jho, who is wanted in connection with 1MDB investigations, is not an insignificant criminal who can simply disappear into thin air.

He is a high-profile individual known to many — the media, the celebrities, police, the banking and finance community, and the people in general.

I wonder why till today we do not even know his whereabouts.

Maybe it is time to offer a reward to people who can help identify and report him to the relevant authorities. Maybe the police and the intelligence communities need to work a little harder. Maybe we need to seek the cooperation of foreign governments more cogently and persuasively.

We may all agree that Jho Low is a clever, capable and elusive individual. I am sure he is still in possession of millions in cash and properties spanning the globe. I am sure all this requires his attention, management and decision at some point.

I am also sure he must get in touch with his lawyers, accountants and consultants from time to time.

I am sure he is in physical need just like any one of us. He needs food, shelter, luxuries, comforts and probably girls and parties.

He needs to buy things and settle bills. If someone is doing all this for him, there is still that someone who is in touch with him.

Seriously, how many fictitious names, passports, aliases and identities can he use? Again, someone must get in touch with someone else to get any of these things done for him.

I don’t think tracking and identifying him can be that difficult. But then I am just a layperson messing around on a Saturday afternoon.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

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