Dinosaur politicians and their archaic beliefs

Some politicians are caught in their own time warp. They still insist that they are right even though the writing on the wall is for them to concede and change course.

The recent Port Dickson by-election showed that race and religion as weaponry are clearly on the retreat. Yet we have politicians insisting to the contrary and citing spurious statistics to back their claims. They claim comfort that an opposition party garnered more votes in the by-election than what it obtained in the 14th general election.

Of course, in doing that, they conveniently forget that Pakatan Harapan obtained a 23,560-vote majority in the by-election compared with 17,710 in the May 9 general election, despite the lower voter turnout of 58.3% in the by-election compared with 83.6% in the general election.

Dinosaur politicians caught in a time warp will never accept that they are out of sync with modernity. They can’t see that Malaysia is not and will never be a Middle Eastern or African country to be abused, subjugated, coerced and indoctrinated. They can’t see that irrational dogmas and indoctrination have no place in a modern and progressive society.

Malaysia now has a window of opportunity to bring rationality and progressiveness to the people. The country must make available governance with conscience, not with idiotic and blind doctrines. The country must make available faith with love and compassion to the people, not bigotry and holier-than-thou religiosity.

Malaysia must open the minds of its people, not feed them with half-baked ideas. Malaysia must teach its people to be scientific, independent and self-reliant, not feeble, superstitious and dependent.

Leaders must champion change, not be dictated by ill-conceived and half-baked ideas using race and religion.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.