Dear Najib, stop accusing EC and just lodge a report

I view the innuendo that the Election Commission (EC) is now controlled by Bersih as ill-intent and in fact malicious.

As a former prime minister and a member of the administration for many years, I am surprised that Najib Razak does not seem to know the width, depth and purview of the powers of EC pertaining to election offences and how the administration of our criminal justice system actually works.

For him to conclude that in current times bribery and corruption during elections are no more an offence is a calculated move to belittle the effort of the EC, hundreds of its hardworking staff, the police force and the MACC who are working tirelessly to fight corruption.

Perhaps Najib should stop screaming vitriol against the EC and be proactive in lodging reports with the police or MACC, as the case may be, if he has direct information about any alleged offence or about any act that he deems as an offence.

I have been constantly and consistently explaining that those who have direct information about any act that may be an offence should lodge a report with the proper authorities. Perhaps Najib has missed my statements.

If Najib feels that the EC should have the power to investigate, arrest or detain offenders, or to impose fines or prosecute offenders, perhaps he should, as a senior MP, move the Parliament to pass a new law that gives those powers to the EC.

Otherwise, no amount of vitriol would afford such powers to the EC.

Should a law be passed to give such powers to the EC, it would also be happy to investigate all alleged offences of bribery and corruption that were committed in the past, most particularly during GE13 and GE14.

Azhar Harun is chairman of the Election Commission.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.