End gutter politics

Yesterday, Malaysians were fed with disgusting sex videos allegedly implicating a current minister.

What was more disgusting was the subsequent video wherein one Haziq Abdul Aziz admitted to his own involvement in the alleged incident.

What was even more revolting was the clear pride Haziq took in confessing to the world that he was particeps criminis.

The Royal Malaysian Police need not wait any longer to investigate. Hafiz has made a voluntary confession of a crime which is clearly codified in the Penal Code.

In defence of the maligned minister, it would be instructive to note that while the other person in the video clip does bear some resemblance to him, one cannot with any degree of certainty say that it was him.

That being said, it should be clear to the non-partisan observer that this is clearly an attempt at character assassination and reeks of a deep conspiracy.

Hafiz, not only confessed to his crime, but had the gall to use the video to accuse the maligned minister of an unrelated matter of corruption and stated that he was “unqualified” to be a leader.

As one who had closely watched the maligned minister’s leadership as menteri besar of my home state, I have no doubts as to his creditability and quality of leadership.

The people of this country demand an end to this toxic gutter politics and hope that all concerned would not be distracted from the primary duty of uplifting the standard of living of our people.

Let us not put the maligned minister through the pain that Anwar Ibrahim and his family unjustly suffered.

Most Malaysians are confident that with the current inspector-general of police, current attorney-general and current chief justice, all of whom are persons of unimpeachable integrity, proof beyond reasonable doubt would not be watered down to the level of believing in the “flying carpet”, as so succinctly put by counsel Gopal Sri Ram in the second Anwar trial.

God bless our beloved country.

Watson Peters is an advocate and solicitor.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.