Sex video is no issue if we are able to resolve it quickly

Much has been said of the latest sex video scandal purportedly involving a high-profile individual.

Some say it will cause the downfall of Pakatan Harapan if they are not careful. Some say it is gutter politics all over again, while others say it is just part of the intrigue in power play and political realignment.

For me, the sex video will only cause damage to the government, the country and the individual concerned if the authorities allow this problem to fester.

The worst will be if investigations lead to nothing. The people will be left no wiser on the authenticity of this video. This is when speculations and insinuations will continue to thrive, causing even more uncertainties to the country.

Hence, quick and resolute investigations, and determination is the key.

If the video is fake, we know there will be no further problem. The reputation of that person will not be affected in any way. In fact, there may even be a positive impact on him.

It shows there are lowly and dishonourable people out there trying to discredit him out of jealousy and desperation. Those involved in the conspiracy should be quickly arrested, prosecuted and punished.

If the video is genuine, we also know there will be no further problem. It shows leadership irresponsibility by subjecting oneself to potential blackmail and other threats.

That person should rightly resign, failing which, be sacked. I am sure there are sufficient talents in the country able to fill the void left by his resignation or sacking.

The worst scenario is when the authorities are not able or unwilling to prove the authenticity of this video.

Both parties, the accuser and the victim, can stand their ground and refuse to budge. The doubts will then linger on, with the nation wallowing in a credibility gap.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.