Criticising New Malaysia seems even more difficult

This is really strange. In “New Malaysia”, I am beginning to feel more unease when expressing issues that I am not happy with.

Suddenly, I sense that all the social advocates, the champions of people’s interests and abrasive politicians have vanished into thin air.

Suddenly, I feel that the various state apparatus are behaving as if they are under the old administration.

With the opposition in disarray or uninterested, I have the inkling that the government is acting on its whims and fancies without much consideration for the overall good of Malaysia.

Sometimes, I just don’t quite understand what is going on. Why must those going around belittling, insulting and encroaching into the rights of others continue to be tolerated and protected?

On the contrary, those who stand up to defend their rights from being encroached or trampled upon are being harassed.

When the government makes arbitrary decisions or formulates policies without consultation that do not make sense, why can’t the people protest or ask for justification?

It is obvious some of the decisions made by the government are self-indulgent, parochial and even on the fringe of stupidity. So, why can’t the people express their displeasure?

If we accept Malaysia is multiracial and multicultural, I think it is high time we cut the crap on the dominant and subservient mentality that is always lurking under the surface. Why must the majority dominate and the minority acquiesce?

A good government is a government that is able to restrain the abuse and arrogance of the majority and protect the legitimate interests of the minority.

A government that irrationally and perversely appeases the majority is a government that chooses the easiest way out to govern. It has no fair play, moral fibre and good conscience.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.