Better ways than Gojek to help the jobless young

The move to introduce Gojek – with the aim of reducing unemployment among youth, among other objectives – needs to be thoroughly re-examined.

The youth deserves a better pathway to a better life: they are the future of the nation.

Moreover, road safety issues related to motorcycles are worrying as motorcyclists are three times more vulnerable to accidents.

There should be a long-term plan to solve unemployment among the young. A quick fix like Gojek would not solve the problem.

More research on youth unemployment needs to be conducted to find a lasting solution in the midst of a changing job landscape as we move towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution,

Malaysia is bestowed with renowned academicians who have done extensive research on youth. Reports from this body of research could be made easily accessible: they would provide insights into the aspirations of the youth.

The National Professors Council could be roped in to contribute their expertise by conducting research in collaboration with other stakeholders like the transport ministry and the youth and sports ministry itself.

Perhaps lessons could be learned from the three top countries in the global youth wellbeing index rankings, Australia, Sweden and South Korea.

It is worth taking the time to conduct a comprehensive and thorough longitudinal study on youth unemployment involving the youth themselves and other stakeholders. Rushing to find solutions to youth unemployment may not yield the desired results in the long run.

The rakyat should give the new government enough and reasonable time to study youth unemployment and other youth-related matters for lasting solutions.

Ali Salman is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.