My prime minister and disappointments after Malay congress

The prime minister should have been more cautious and sensitive to all Malaysians when he spoke at the Malay Dignity Congress two days ago, given the fact that in the last election, Malaysians regardless of race and religion voted for Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Pakatan Harapan in the fervent hope of a New Malaysia free from racism and corruption.

No one has ever questioned the dignity of the Malays. In fact, one wonders if there was a need for such a gathering in the first place as there is no possible threat to the dignity of the Malays in this country where we have Malay rulers and heads of state and seven Malay prime ministers including Mahathir himself.

How could the dignity of the Malays ever be taken away? We are not questioning the right or the prerogative of the organisers to have such a congress, but it is surely mind-boggling to note that every time there is such a gathering like they used to have in the Umno general assemblies, the minorities in this country become the punching bag.

The speeches delivered at the Malay Dignity Congress were very disturbing as the minorities again were the focal point of the verbal attacks.

I am also disappointed that my prime minister chose to refer to me and my parents as “orang asing”. I would have expected Mahathir in his speech to have taken to task and castigated Zainal Kling and others who spewed racism and racial discord in their speeches throughout the congress. Instead, my prime minister in his speech used a very derogatory term and referred to the minorities as “orang asing”.

I urge and appeal to Mahathir to start making immediate amends by speaking for all Malaysians as a Malaysian prime minister. Otherwise, the hope for the New Malaysia which we voted for will quickly fade away.

RSN Rayer is MP for Jelutong.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.