Ponggal controversy shows little coordination among ministries

The recent letter from the education ministry on the Ponggal issue and the adverse reaction to it, the very public blame game being played between the ministry and Jakim, and the public sensitivities inflamed, are disconcerting and alas, a dark comedy to the world at large.

There’s little coordination between ministries, as evident in the current Ponggal controversy.

Why should Jakim and the education ministry blame each other when there’s a national unity ministry or department to refer to?

It’s under the prime minister, who amusingly, is in charge also of education and Jakim. And what about the tourism, arts and culture ministry? Isn’t culture, not religion, the issue?

Can we have some sanity and clarity and some reassurance from the minister, who is also the prime minister that this is an aberration and not the norm when the government governs?

Tawfik Ismail is the former Sungei Benut MP.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.