A matter about allocation of scarce resources and morality

I guess Malaysian politicians and government leaders can never get it right, regardless of party affiliation and political ideology.

They will pay themselves lucrative salaries and privileges first and foremost. The interests of the people is at most incidental or secondary.

Sometimes, I see that the luxuries enjoyed by them are almost obscene.

It would have been more palatable if the livelihood of the people had improved. But to flaunt opulent living in the midst of poverty and deprivation is ridiculous.

Kelantan is not a rich state by any measure. Despite the recent oil royalties, why do they need luxurious marques for the state’s menteri besar and executive councillors?

This is not about affordability and legality. This is about allocation of scarce resources and morality.

For a long time, we have heard our leaders talking about wanting to serve the people and the nation. However, for a long time, too, the people have been seeing the dissonance between talk and reality.

Despite our democracy, I think the people are generally being misled. The contest for power among politicians is not really to serve or to have better policies. It is just a musical chair to enjoy the trappings of power and privilege.

Has the annual flood situation improved? Have they filled up all the potholes or repaired the roads damaged by the floods?

Have they repaired the dilapidated schools and clinics? What about uncollected rubbish and clogged drains, have they done anything about this?

Sometimes, I think it is the size of their office, the marques they own or the timber concessions and contracts they are about to sign that occupy their attention.

T K Chua is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.