To all moral PH fans, the joke is on you

Whatever your elected representatives do right now in terms of re-arranging the political structure or to put it plainly, forming a new government, is well within their constitutional rights.

You said that you didn’t vote for this? Come on! Don’t be stupid.

In our system, we never vote to form the government. We only vote for who’s gonna be our representatives in the Dewan Rakyat and state assemblies.

We don’t even decide on who becomes the prime minister, much less how long a PM stays in office.

If you voted in the last general election, and believed in all this bull crap, you only have your own stupidity to blame.

You trusted the politicians with their promises. Now it’s time to admit that you’re a fool.

When these goons whom you had been telling your relatives and neighbours as the incorruptible, most trusted, “baik” politicians decide to switch places with the other side, it is as legit as your mother’s marriage certificate!

The new government, if it ever takes place, is legit. Let your brain process this information for a moment.

The one political party that can’t be blamed for “betraying” the voters in this whole process is PAS.

Why? Because if you care to listen, it is the only party that declared from the very beginning that they intended to play king maker, with whatever number of seats that they would win after the GE.

That was why PAS entered the election on their own (Gagasan Sejahtera was practically PAS with some small, unknown parties using its logo).

The voters who chose PAS should know, that with their mandate, PAS is going to form a government with whomsoever they deem necessary.

So no, unlike those other political parties and politicians you have foolishly put your unwavering faith in, you can’t say to PAS that they have betrayed the voters. I’m sorry, but that wouldn’t fly.

Oh what about moral principles, you ask. Now ask yourself this: was it morally right to oust Khalid Ibrahim when he was promised as the menteri besar in the 13th general election?

What about when PAS was booted out of Pakatan Rakyat for maintaining their stand on shariah laws, which they already made public in the 13th general election?

What about Amanah MPs and Adun who won on PAS tickets but maintained their seats?

Those who talk about principles are no better than the hypocrite bunch of politicians.

Oh you so deserved each other quite well!

Stop pretending that you stand for democracy and morality for opposing the “backdoor government”.

It really is up to the one who commands the most support from MPs. You have no say.

Faiq Khalifa is an FMT reader.

The views expressed here are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.