When defections rule, what price an anti-hopping law?

When Najib Razak adopted the catchy word “Bossku” (which originated in Sabah) was he implying that he was still the nation’s No. 1 politician? The one and only who still had it in him to win over everyone who had voted against him and the Barisan Nasional in the 14th general election?

Surely this is the same Najib whom people had apparently hated just two years ago and the Najib they are now seemingly in love with?

Judging from the confidence oozing out of Najib, that would appear to be the case. But what has given him this newfound confidence and put this new turbocharged wind into his sails?

Could this be a result of a well-planned PR strategy or is it his ability to chink away at the armour of the Pakatan Harapan government which has failed to withstand his onslaught? Or is it due to a bunch of parliamentarians with no scruples and principles who chose to party hop?

That is why an anti-hopping law ought to be among the first items in any parliamentary proceedings.

This sickness has plagued the nation since independence and has to be eliminated. But which political party is prepared to table such a Bill when it is the only manner by which to hijack an elected government?

The by-election to be held shortly in Chini, in Najib’s parliamentary constituency – at which the Umno candidate is expected to steamroll over opponents – will probably add impetus to Najib’s belief that he is ready for a comeback. That is, on the assumption that he will be cleared of all court cases against him.

Najib might see that as an endorsement of his leadership. The fact that Najib has recently met the current Umno president, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, is yet another indication of what could lie ahead.

Following that meeting, Zahid posted that thought-provoking statement, “Are you ready for us?” on his social media page. It was the clearest hint to date that a battle ominously looms ahead for Umno to reclaim what they believe to be rightfully theirs, including seats lost when Umno members abandoned them in favour of PPBM.

For now, the political situation is clothed in mystery and intrigue and is murky, to say the least, and too close to call. There is no certainty whether political stability will eventually be achieved.

Seasoned political analysts can provide us with some food for thought. Even make predictions. But no one can see what is really going on in the minds of these political movers, shakers and schemers.

The rest of us will always be mere pawns; unless real power is returned to the people by way of an amendment to the Constitution that will end party hopping and horse-trading, we will remain at the mercy of political mercenaries.

Give us our due regard. Give us our due respect. Give us back our dignity. That is all we ask. That is all we yearn for.

Tell me anything but don’t tell me that what you are doing is in my best interest or that of my country.

I decided at GE14 what was in my best interest and what was best for my country. Sadly and disappointingly, it didn’t turn out that way.

Clement Stanley is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.

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