In the prime minister’s hair

The Morning Star Hair Dressing Salon at the Royal Lake Club in Kuala Lumpur is visited by some of Malaysia's most famous politicians.Mohan Muthupandithan, 62, has been a barber for 49 years. He opened the Morning Star Hair Dressing Salon in 1995.Among Mohan’s client of 24 years is Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He says Mahathir’s hair is parted on the left and he always asks for a layered cut.Former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is also one of Mohan’s regulars.Mahathir had his own red coloured barber chair at his own residence when he first became prime minister. Later, as he stepped down, the chair was moved to a museum.This white barber’s cape, which is handsewn by Mohan’s wife, is only used for two of his most illustrious clients.Mohan says Mahathir is one of his easiest customers. “He never complains, sometimes, he asks for shorter hair. He’s always very easy-going and humble.”Keeping it the old school way, Mohan still writes in a ledger daily and says that he has no plans of retiring.