Midnight at the LRT tracks

For most people, the bustle of activity at train stations stops after rush hour and peters out by midnight. But for this group, that’s when work begins. Meet Abang Rock and his maintenance crew who ensure that trains keep running throughout the day.

The maintenance crew, whose hard work at night keeps trains running during the day.  Abang Rock discusses some final matters with his crew before work begins. The cargo railcar pulls into the Bukit Jalil LRT station, carrying workers at the back.  The railcar leader waits for clearance from the control tower.  The Ampang Line crew at work on the tracks at the Bukit Jalil station. The maintenance crew loosens screws from the rail joints with an impact wrench before replacing the old rails.   Sparks fly as a worker saws at the rail with a rail-cutting machine. A hook, clamped on the rail which is used to lift it onto the cargo railcar.  Senior technician Rozali Rahman measures the gap between the rails. The rails should be 25-30cm apart. Glowing magma is seen on the track after the mould, inserted between the rails, is removed. Safety masks protect the workers from the sparks.  It's hard work, and the workers know it's important to stay hydrated.