Ex-Broncos standout Bruton retires from NFL after multiple concussions


LOS ANGELES: Safety David Bruton said Monday he’s retiring from the NFL after multiple concussions during his eight-year career.

“After 8 years in the NFL, I am calling it a day in the league,” Bruton said in an Instagram post. “I want to thank everyone who helped me along the way. This decision did not come easy being that I’ve done this for so long and my love for the game, but it comes to an end for everyone and mine is on July 24, 2017.”

Bruton, who turned 30 on Sunday, told the Denver Post that his six concussions, and concerns about how they might affect his future health, contributed to the decision.

“I like to consider myself a smart guy,” Bruton said. “A bit of a nerd. So I like to have my brain functioning when I get a little older. That was a big reason.”

Bruton, who graduated from Notre Dame University before entering the NFL in 2009, is taking science classes at the University of Colorado at Denver as he plans to pursue a career as a physical therapist.

Bruton was a fourth-round pick by Denver in 2009 and spent seven years with the Broncos. He was part of their Super Bowl 50 team after the 2015 season but did not play in the win over the Carolina Panthers due to a broken leg.

He played 108 games in his NFL career — 104 with the Broncos.

He played four games with the Washington Redskins last season, but his last NFL campaign ended with a concussion and Washington released him in December of last year.

The NFL has faced growing scrutiny in recent years linked to the issue of concussions and head trauma, with the league in 2015 agreeing on a $1 billion settlement to resolve thousands of lawsuits by former players suffering from neurological problems.