Greece wants to host World Cup with Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia

Greece is one of the countries that could co-host the 2030 World Cup. (AFP pic)

ATHENS: Greece on Thursday invited Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia to meet on November 23 to discuss jointly hosting the 2030 World Cup.

Greek Deputy Culture Minister Giorgos Vassiliadis called on his counterparts from the three countries and the four football federations to meet to discuss the plan.

The 2030 World Cup is scheduled to include 48 teams, meaning few nations could host it alone, and the joint bid could face stiff competition.

There are already two potential three-nation joint bids – one from Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay in South America and another from Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia in Africa.

England has announced that it will bid and plan to hold talks with the three other UK football federations as well as Ireland about the possibility of holding the World Cup.