Perlis Football Association suspends president, vice-president

KANGAR: Perlis Football Association (PFA), in an executive committee meeting yesterday, unanimously decided to suspend PFA president Ahmad Amizal Shaifit Ahmad Rafie effective today.

According to PFA deputy president, Abdul Karim Khan Mansor Ahmad Khan, the suspension of the president will be effective till the next PFA congress which has not been announced.

“PFA has taken the action in accordance to PFA statute under articles 36, 37 and 38,” he said.

“Apart from that, the president was also seen as violating the sponsorship agreement between Qhaleefa Football Club and PFA,” said Karim in a statement issued to Bernama today.

Abdul Karim also announced PFA vice-president 2 Muhammad Sukur Hashim and PFA secretary-general Adib Rabani Muaz Abul Malik were also suspended till next PFA Congress.

He said the unanimous decision was taken as the two individuals were representing Qhaleefa Football Club.

“With the decision taken, the three individuals were prohibited from carrying out any duties during the period,” he said.

In the meeting, another unanimous exco decision to appoint PFA deputy president was also taken, to carry out the duties of the president while the duties of the secretary would be carried out by PFA assistant secretary, Naimulddin Haron.

These measures have been taken to restore the image of PFA, which has been plagued by various issues, leading to its sacking by Malaysia Football League (MFL) from Malaysia League.

Abdul Karim said PFA hoped all parties understand the constraint faced by the exco in taking the actions.

“Hope all parties, including the state administration, affiliated members as well as Perlis football fans, understand and give their full support to the new leadership of PFA in trying to bring PFA back into the Malaysia Football League,” he added.