Reports of Malaysian doping untrue, says chef de mission

Megat (4th left) says doping tests involve an elaborate process. (Bernama pic)

MANILA: Chef de mission Megat Zulkarnain Omardin has dismissed reports by two newspapers that a Malaysian athlete at the SEA Games has tested positive for doping.

He said the allegations made by the two Malay-language newspapers were baseless.

“The reporters overheard an anti-doping official of the organising committee (Phisgoc) telling Malaysian officials about collecting the urine sample of a softball player for doping tests.

“But this was misinterpreted by the journalists that the athlete has been tested positive,” he said in a statement.

Megat Zulkarnain said doping tests involve an elaborate process which includes sending urine samples to laboratories outside of the Philippines like in Japan or Australia.

He said the urine samples would normally be sent in batches and it was unlikely that the test results would be available so soon.

The Phisgoc Anti-Doping Committee, the Olympic Council of the country concerned and also the implicated athlete would need to be informed first if the tests proved positive, he said.

The athlete involved might also challenge the results and all these take time, he said.

“It is hoped that all parties would get confirmation before reporting on anything which would create an unfavourable situation for anyone,” he added.