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Tag: 11th Malaysia Plan

Eradicating poverty: We’re only good at planning, says economist

Sulochana Nair says the question is whether the programmes and policies set out by the government have any impact at the grassroots level.

11th Malaysia Plan review: What reformasi agenda?

Limiting the terms of office for the prime minister and chief ministers could have been announced during the 100 days and has little to do with the overall course of the 11MP.

Mid-term review is empty rhetoric, says Ka Siong

The MCA leader says, after criticising the BN, the PH government has failed to use the opportunity to come up with something better.

Mid-term review calls for greater automation, less foreign workers

The government plans to enhance automation and regulate stringently the number of foreign workers while also amending the Employment Act 1955.

Two-term limit for PM, MB among reforms announced by Dr M

The prime minister also says new laws would be introduced to oversee political financing.

Mid-Term Review: Putrajaya to build ‘resilient and sustainable’ Bumiputera economic community

Mid-term review report says while the government plans to further improve the lot of Bumiputeras, it will also attend to the needs of other communities, including the Orang Asli.

Mid-Term Review: 4 opposition-held states among 6 to see extra development...

To ensure balanced growth nationwide, the government plans to bring more development to Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis.

Najib announces 5 projects worth RM1.3 billion in Langkawi

The prime minister says the projects are proof the ruling government is safeguarding the welfare of the people in Langkawi.

Need for Penang airport expansion getting critical, says CM

Lim Guan Eng says the 6.2 million arrivals recorded last year close to its maximum capacity of 6.5 million.