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Tag: 1998

Unlike Anwar, my conscience not for sale, says ex-speechwriter

Munawar Anees still longs for his day in court, maintaining his innocence over a conviction on sodomy that once stunned the nation.

Rupiah weakens past 15,000 per dollar for first time since 1998

Indonesia is also close to finalizing incentives for exporters holding billions of dollars in banks to encourage them to convert the funds into rupiah, as the central bank steps up efforts to shield the local currency from a global emerging-market rout.

The rise, fall and rise again of Anwar Ibrahim

It looks like he and Mahathir are coming full circle after 20 years.

Suspect in 1998 murder of Dutch boy arrested in Spain

Eleven-year-old Nicky Verstappen disappeared during the night of August 9, 1998, while at a summer camp at the Brunssumerheide nature reserve, near the German border.

Appointing Rahim Noor a ‘black eye’ on Malaysia, says Khairy

The former Umno Youth chief says the appointment of Rahim Noor is disrespectful to the PKR leader who suffered injuries at the hands of the ex-IGP.

Will the Mahathir-Anwar partnership work?

Only time will tell if they can retain the past glory, or go down the 1998 way again.

The feeling is surreal, says Wan Azizah on working with Dr...

The PKR president says her cooperation with the man she once opposed shows how bad the situation is.

Ayah dan saya sudah satu kepala, kata Marina

Walaupun sering menentang kerajaan termasuk semasa era pemerintahan bapanya, anak sulung Dr Mahathir berkata sudah banyak berubah.

Zahid: I was offered to join PAS, but stayed with Umno

The Umno acting deputy president claims that the late PAS leader Haron Din had advised him that his instinct in wanting to remain in Umno was right.