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Tag: 2022

Saudi fans delight in West Bank game, shrug off geopolitics

Some are hopeful sport can bring peace to the region.

Transgender fans ‘welcome’ at World Cup, says Qatar

Qatar 2022 CEO says fans of any gender, sexual orientation, religion, race attending the World Cup will be safe.

Fifa to send delegation to ensure Iran allows female fans into...

Former French World Cup winner Youri Djorkaeff will be part of the delegation.

Fifa president ‘optimistic’ about 48-team Qatar World Cup

Fifa is due to announce its decision in mid-March at a meeting in Miami.

Chinese Olympic legend finds her calling on road to 2022

Few know better than Yang Yang what it takes to succeed at the pinnacle of sport.

Malaysia targets 80% rice self-sufficiency by 2022

The agriculture minister says technology transfer from China, Taiwan and Japan will help to achieve this.

Brace for extra-warm weather through 2022

Manmade global warming and a natural surge in Earth's surface temperature will join forces to make the next five years exceptionally hot, according to a study published Tuesday.

Snow joke; China scours temples for Winter Olympic gold

It may sound like a sequel to hit comedy film "Cool Runnings", but for Beijing 2022 hosts China this is no joke.

Russia hands over World Cup hosting duties to Qatar

Qatar's size, as well as its broiling temperatures and its lack of ready stadium infrastructure, have prompted some to question the decision by FIFA to make it host.