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Tag: 5G

Nokia winning 5G contracts despite delivery delays

CEO Rajeev Suri says customers are choosing Nokia because it can supply a full system of hardware.

Telecom industry sees US$62 billion hit if Chinese banned from 5G

Excluding China’s Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp. from the next generation of mobile networks would lumber European phone companies with €55 billion in extra costs.

Many not ready for impact of AI, 5G, says bosses’ group

MEF says advancements in technology will emphasise productivity while the days of coffee breaks and fixed wages are numbered.

Telecoms giant EE launches Britain’s first 5G services

EE, a division of British telecoms giant BT, has launched 5G in Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London and Manchester.

Huawei willing to sign ‘no-spy’ agreements with governments

The move comes as the US applies increasing pressure on European countries to prohibit Huawei's network infrastructure.

UK says 5G roll out could be delayed by security concerns

Britain's 5G network delays is done with the intention of fully creating the best security as possible.

Pompeo seeks to win over Britain on Iran, Huawei

The former CIA chief has changed his plans and arrived in London London after briefly aborting his tour of Europe and paying an unannounced visit to Iraq.

China urges UK not to discriminate against Huawei in 5G development

China's ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming defended Huawei as having a good track record on security.

Huawei leaks ‘unacceptable’, criminal investigation possible, says UK minister

Previous reports saying the NSC had decided to bar Huawei from all core parts of Britain's f5G network was information leaked from a private meeting.

UK to block Huawei from core parts of 5G network

However, the distinction between non-core and core parts of the network is much harder to make, as opposed to older internet systems.

5G means your toothbrush and fridge talking to you, just don’t...

Smartphones will soon connect us to all our gadgets but we’ll need to make time to interact with our families too, says IT expert

PM confident Malaysia can leverage on 5G to grow rapidly

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says this will enable the country to punch above its own weight and catapult the national economy towards strong and sustainable growth.

Intel withdraws from 5G smartphone modem business

Intel also said it would meet commitments to customers for its existing 4G smartphone modem product line.

Rovio spin-off brings 5G gaming to Samsung devices in South Korea

Hatch's cloud gaming service will be included in Samsung's new 5G capable Galaxy S10.

World’s 1st 5G phone released in S.Korea

South Korea's mobile carriers held launch events across Seoul for the Galaxy S10, whose base version costs 1.39 million won (US$1,200).

Malaysia akan jadi antara negara terawal Asia terima rangkaian 5G

Putrajaya akan menjadi kawasan pertama cubaan 5G pada 18 April ini sebelum dibuka kepada umum bermula 20 April

South Korea to launch world’s first national 5G networks

SEOUL: South Korea launches the world’s first fully-fledged 5G mobile networks Friday, a transformational leap that already has superpowers sparring for control of an...

US, China leading race for 5G wireless

To maintain growth in 5G, the US needs to do more to allocate wireless spectrum.

MCMC to show what 5G mobile tech can do

April 18 event to showcase 5G will also mark 20th anniversary of the Communications and Multimedia Act.

Blueprint needed to support economic reforms, says economist

Mohd Afzanizam Abdul Rashid says the government must clearly identify the objectives and targets of the reform agenda.

Germany launches 5G auction amid row with US over Huawei

Washington threatens to end intelligence sharing with Berlin if Huawei hardware remains in 5G infrastructure.

German court opens way for 5G frequency race

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday Germany would consult with the US over whether to use Huawei tech, based on their own standards.

Huawei isn’t trustworthy 5G partner, German spy agency says

Germany's BND intelligence service does not trust Huawei to build its 5G network.

US warns Germany against using Huawei tech

The battle with Huawei is one of many conflicts in Washington's disputes with China.