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Tag: 5G

Singapore expects all operators to offer 5G by 2022

The move will see half of the city-state covered by standalone network in next 3 years.

Banned from US, Huawei woos India, world’s No 2 wireless market

Top maker of components for 5G networks says it’s continuing to invest in the sub-continent

Projek Demonstrasi 5G selama 6 bulan bermula, kata menteri

Gobind Singh Deo berkata, Projek Demonstrasi 5G akan dikendalikan lapan syarikat di enam negeri.

RM21.6 bilion bina jaringan digital berkualiti seluruh negara

SKMM akan membiayai lebih separuh daripada pelaburan yang diperlukan, dengan pelaburan oleh sektor swasta melalui geran padanan.

Expert cautions against hurried 5G roll-out

GSM Association director-general Mats Granryd says Malaysia should learn from the mistakes of others.

Maxis sedia tawar perkhidmatan 5G tahun depan

Maxis Bhd dan Huawei Technologies Malaysia meterai perjanjian yang disaksikan perdana menteri hari ini.

Maxis hopes to roll out 5G service by second half of...

It inks deal with Huawei to provide the service.

Russia rolls out red carpet for Huawei over 5G

Huawei is the biggest investor in the development of mobile technologies in Russia.

Indonesia’s largest phone operator undecided on 5G supplier

PT Telekomunikasi waiting to see how US-China trade war pans out.

Be more positive about 5G, urges MCMC chief

He says 5G implementation will bring many changes and Malaysia must be ready to embrace it.

Gobind: Projek demonstrasi 5G seluruh negara bulan depan

Gobind berkata kementerian juga sedang mempertingkatkan kebersediaan dan akses kepada infrastruktur digital yang menjadi asas kepada Pelan Gentian Optik dan Kesalinghubungan Negara (NFCP).

5G for show-offs, says analyst

The latest 5G technology is not fully developed and will continue to evolve.

Huawei promises smartest 5G phone, but who will be brave enough...

Analysts say that without the Google ecosystem consumers won’t want to buy the Huawei Mate 30.

US and Poland ink 5G security agreement amid anti-Huawei campaign

The deal stipulates that suppliers should be given a 'rigorous evaluation,' including whether they are controlled by a foreign government and subject to 'independent judicial review.'

Apple expected to unveil new iPhone at Sept 10 event

The introduction of 'iPhone 11' handsets comes as the global smartphone market tightens and Apple makes a priority of selling digital content and services.

US, Poland to sign 5G deal when Trump visits

The planned accord comes after months of lobbying by the United States for Warsaw and other European governments to ban business with China's Huawei.

US to ease Huawei sanctions for another 90 days

Some telecom companies in the US are 'dependent' on Huawei and thus a 90-day reprieve was deemed appropriate, according to US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Huawei says US law denies it due process, judicial review

The litigation in Texas involves Huawei’s ability to sell equipment into the US market and is separate from the US government’s blacklisting of Huawei.

Huawei launches first product with own operating system

Huawei unveils a new smart television, the first product to use its own HarmonyOS operating system.

Huawei unveils own operating system to compete with Android

The first version of the OS would be launched later this year in its smart screen products, says Huawei.

Samsung unveils premium-priced Galaxy Note 10

Samsung will work closer with Microsoft to improve services across its array of devices in a new world of 5G networks.

China warns India of ‘reverse sanctions’ if Huawei is blocked

A potential row over Huawei could revive tensions between India and China just as the two sides have been making high-level efforts to ensure their long-standing territorial disputes do not escalate.

China bets on 5G socialism in push to lead global tech...

The country’s biggest companies have already established a lead in patents related to the fastest network technology.

Qualcomm outlook clouded by Huawei’s smartphone gains in China

Huawei, which was the subject of US sales restrictions imposed in May, continues to buy a small number of Qualcomm chips.