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Boeing CEO to testify before Congress about grounded 737 MAX

Planes were involved in fatal crashes that killed 346 in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Kelemahan reka bentuk pesawat, pemantauan cuaca punca nahas Lion Air

WSJ melaporkan kesilapan juruterbang dan penyelenggaraan sebagai punca pesawat Lion Air terhempas di Laut Jawa pada Oktober tahun lalu.

Indonesia finds design flaw, oversight lapses in Lion Air crash

Investigators also identify a string of pilot errors and maintenance mistakes as causal factors of crash.

Indonesia to publish final report on Lion Air crash in November

The parties have 60 days to respond to the final draft before being published.

737 MAX could be phased back into service

The aircraft was grounded in mid-March following two deadly crashes but could return to the air on a staggered schedule in different countries.

Families press for memorial at Ethiopian Airlines crash site

A relative of a victim says out of respect to the dead, the crash site should be treated as a graveyard.

American pulls 737 MAX flights through early December, still sees approval...

Despite having to extend flight cancellations into early December American Airlines is still confident the 737 Max will be cleared to fly this year.

Boeing CEO still expects 737 MAX to be cleared to fly...

Boeing has been working closely with the FAA and other bodies on a software fix to address a problem with a flight handling system tied to both the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes.

For Airbus, capitalising on Boeing’s woes is challenging

Experts say Airbus faces production constraints that likely limit its ability to grab more market share.

US crash investigators to issue recommendations on 737 Max certification

Details of what the safety board will call for in the package have not been revealed.

Boeing has friends in high places thanks to its crash czar

Facing government enquiries over two crashes involving it 737 Max aircraft, Boeing is seeing faces familiar to the plane manufacturer.

Boeing to take US$4.9 billion tax writedown on 737 Max fallout

The higher costs will reduce the margin for the 737 programme, Boeing’s largest source of profit and revenue, in the second quarter and future quarters.

Man who lost family in plane crash to testify in Congress

Paul Njoroge has not been able to work since the crash and getting justice for his family is the only thing that gets him up in the morning.

Ryanair says 737 Max groundings to hit 2020 results

With a return date for the Max still uncertain, it has become unlikely that Boeing will be able to hand over all 58 planes that Ryanair was expecting.

Airlines and regulators meet to discuss Boeing 737 MAX un-grounding efforts

The meeting is set to discuss the financial impact of a global grounding of nearly 400 737 MAX jets that has lasted three months.

Airbus will challenge Boeing to undo showstopping 737 Max deal

Airbus’ CEO game to fight for the IAG deal before it develops into a final contract.

Pilots tell US Congress more training needed on 737 MAX

The hearing comes as Boeing continues its work with the US Federal Aviation Administration and other regulators to get the 737 MAX back in the skies.

Boeing: Sorry for crashes

A top Boeing executive apologises for the crashes and says the priority of the company is to return the planes to service safely.

Ethiopian Airlines rejects ‘pilot error’ claim in US

Ethiopian Airlines CEO bites back at US politician who blamed the pilots as the cause of the crashes.

Boeing says will take time to win back confidence

Boeing head Dennis Muilenburg expects the 737 MAX to return to service this year.

Emirates predicts 737 Max won’t fly until after Christmas

Emirates has partnerships with low-cost carrier FlyDubai, which has more than a dozen Max planes in its fleet and many more due to be delivered.

Airlines want joint lifting of 737 MAX ban, but EU cautious

Airlines are worried further splits between regulators over safety could confuse passengers and cause disruption.

Airlines plead for regulators to unite on 737 Max’s return

Combined approval from authorities across the globe affirming that the jet is safe to fly will help restore bruised consumer confidence.

United CEO promises to rebook passengers concerned about 737 MAX

United are the only company to make such an announcement so far.