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Putrajaya promises action against Goldman Sachs

AG Tommy Thomas has been tasked with initiating legal action against the investment bank which is mired in allegations of bribes linked to the 1MDB scandal.

Malaysia goes to UK court to challenge IPIC-1MDB arbitration

AG Tommy Thomas says the consent award last year was procured by fraud and as such, Malaysia should be relieved of paying over US$5 billion to the Abu Dhabi firm.

Arul schools Rafidah on Equanimity episode

The 1MDB president says nothing has been proven in a court of law and, even if it was, it does not make sense to seize the luxury yacht.

Tony: Perlu siasat RM5.32 bilion dari anak syarikat 1MDB kepada syarikat...

Ketua setiausaha perbendaharaan didesak menyiasat pembayaran oleh 1MDB Global Investment Limited kepada Aabar BVI.

Ezam files suit for return of US$3.7 billion to 1MDB

He names the prime minister and 13 individuals who were directors between 2009 and 2016 as defendants, saying they lost the money and did not take steps to recover the amount.

Why no action against 1MDB, asks Husni

Former Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah also questions the reason behind limited tenders in government procurements.

Pua questions lack of action by MIA against 1MDB auditors

DAP leader slams inaction by accounting regulatory body even after more than a year following complaints he had made against KPMG and Deloitte for alleged irregularities in 1MDB audit.

1MDB ‘confident’ of legal position in dispute with IPIC

The company will file a robust Response to the Request for Arbitration (RFA), on or before the 11 July 2016 deadline.

Bayar IPIC RM26 bilion dengan kenaikan cukai, tol? soal PAS

Tuan Ibrahim berkata pengundi Sungai Besar dan Kuala Kangsar menghantar isyarat jelas

In Parliament this morning

Expenditure for Sarawak polls, extradition of Abu Sayyaf militants and 1MDB transaction approvals make up the topics in the Dewan Rakyat today.

Dr Dzul: Was smart alec Arul conned?

The Amanah man says it must have been divine intervention that brought the latest revelation about 1MDB.

IPIC denies links with BVI-incorporated firm linked to 1MDB

Both IPIC and Aabar confirm that Aabar BVI was not an entity within either corporate group, referring to Aabar Investments PJS Limited (Aabar BVI).