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2 men arrested over racist abuse of players in FA Cup...

Abandoned tie will be replayed on Oct 29.

FA Cup tie abandoned after players ‘frightened’ by racial abuse

Haringey's manager took his players off as he did not want them to continue being abused.

Heart-wrenching story of abandoned baby triggers flood of adoption offers

Mother leaves baby at doorsteps of a house in Kota Belud with a note begging for help to care for him as she is unfit to do so.

The Tunku and I

I found the Tunku an amiable, simple man and I learned several valuable lessons from him – lessons that the new government leaders and Malaysians would do well to put into practice.

Lawyer: Ex-opposition youth leaders may withdraw suit over IPIC

This follows the Pakatan Harapan government's proactive steps to investigate the 1MDB fiasco and recover the money, says Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

Teenager confesses dead baby hers, filed false report

Police say the girl from Hulu Selangor has been warded for observation and will be arrested once discharged.

Jamal cancels plan to call top cops in defamation suit

Maria Chin Abdullah's defamation trial will resume on May 24.

Hong Kong “doggie dash” raises funds for abandoned pooches

Dozens of pugs and dachshunds, compensating for their lack of speed with dogged determination, took part in Hong Kong's inaugural "doggie dash" on Sunday to raise funds for abandoned and rescued canines.

Abandoned SK Danau Perdana building to be demolished

An international school is set to be built in its place.

Woman in a fix after Bangladeshi husband flees with passports

Bangladesh police say Nur Sohafa was found wandering in the airport and does not know the address of her husband's village home.

Newborn baby abandoned near cendol stall

The baby boy was found wrapped in cloth inside a bag, had ant bites on his mouth and corner of the eyes.

Baby boy, with cut on head, abandoned near house

Police are now investigating the wound on the newborn and hunting for the mother.

Newborn baby girl found abandoned behind house

The baby was found with her umbilical cord intact inside a box.

Police: Woman remanded not abandoned child’s mother

Police say the 36-year-old suspect was paid to look after the child.

Newborn left in shopping bag at bus stop

Shocking find by teacher who says insects were crawling all over the baby when found in Teluk Ayer Tawar, Butterworth.

Body of newborn abandoned at dumpsite

The body, with the umbilical cord still intact, was found by a worker at the dumpsite of a store this morning.

Worrying trend of patients abandoned in hospitals

At least two patients abandoned each month with family members refusing to take them and welfare homes also unable to take them.

Tugboat without crew found abandoned in Lahad Datu

Authorities are still investigating the fate of the five members who were believed to be on the boat.

Newborn baby abandoned in front of farmer’s house

Baby had been left on a chair in a farmer’s veranda.