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Australian police raids on ABC, News Corp prompts outcry

The raid comes a day after police raided the home of a News Corp editor, although the AFP said the raids were unrelated.

Tampil kelainan…Rojak dalam talam tarikan terbaru

Kecur air liur bila dengar rojak apatah lagi dimakan dalam talam sudah pasti kuantitinya banyak dan puas dimakan

ABC is said to get as much as US$2.6 million for...

Even with a smaller audience, the Oscars remain the most prestigious TV event outside of sports.

ABC’s Dungey, who broke ground as black executive, to step down

Dungey got the job in February 2016 following a long career in TV show development, including work with writer Shonda Rhimes on her string of hits such as Scandal.

China blocks Australian state broadcaster’s website

Ties between Canberra and Beijing have been strained recently over allegations that China is interfering in Australia's domestic politics and using donations to gain access.

Iconic desserts of Kuching you simply must try

From desserts made with Gala Apong and tapai, to those topped with Milo and sundaes in sandwiches, Kuching offers the curious visitor something totally unique.

Journalist leaves ABC after inaccurate Flynn report

Brian Ross, ABC's chief investigative correspondent, was last December suspended by the network for four weeks without pay over the botched report concerning the Republican president's first national security advisor, Michael Flynn.

‘Roseanne’ spinoff called ‘The Conners’ to air on ABC in fall

Other original cast members including John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert will appear in the show, which has a working title of "The Conners," ABC said in a statement.

Michael Jackson’s estate sues ABC for copyright infringement

The copyright infringement lawsuit, which also names ABC's corporate parent Walt Disney Co as a defendant, was filed in Los Angeles federal court and took aim at "The Last Days of Michael Jackson," a two-hour show broadcast on May 24.

ABC’s ‘The Last Defense’ shines light on death row

Julius Jones' quest to overturn his sentencing to death is the subject of "The Last Defense".

‘Scandal,’ the show that Twitter built, bows out

Much of its success was driven by the goodwill it engendered as an intriguing Washington, DC political story of sex, murder and double-dealing starring a strong black female character.

‘Roseanne’ star says revived show reflects Trump’s America

The upcoming revival of the 1990s series will be modified to suit current times.

Chef Batali exits company, TV show after sex harassment accusations

The world-renowned chef is the latest celebrity to have been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.

Tukar jantina tak perlu tukar kad, kata panel hakim

Mahkamah Rayuan menterbalikkan keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi dan Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara tidak perlu meminda kad pengenalan orang yang menukar jantina.

Court says no to IC amendment after sex change

Appellate court overturns High Court decision and says National Registration Department need not amend IC of sex change person.

No plans to expand MH370 search area

Australian Transport Safety Bureau says this decision was taken by Australia, China and Malaysia at a just concluded meeting in Putrajaya.

Salleh pertikai sumber maklumat ABC

Mahathir mahu Najib dibicarakan melalui media dan disabitkan di mahkamah pendapat umum.

Mahathir: Papar Four Corners dalam saluran televisyen kerajaan

Kerajaan dicabar untuk menyiarkan laporan televisyen Australia, ABC mengenai wang yang didepositkan dalam akaun Najib

They’re desperate, Azalina says on ABC TV report

Minister says continuous attacks on Najib only serve to prove his innocence.

Serangan berterusan bukti Najib tidak bersalah – Azalina

Pihak terlibat semakin terdesak untuk menjatuhkan Najib Razak sehingga sanggup menggunakan media antarabangsa untuk membuat tuduhan tidak berasas.

Salleh: Four Corners accepted Dr M’s narrative hook, line and sinker

Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak says the Four Corners TV programme did not attempt to present a balanced report . He has issued this press statement.

‘It’s news to me,’ Tajuddin says of financial gifts to Najib

Umno Supreme Council member says letter alleging millions were given to the prime minister must be verified first.

Australian newsmen may not be able to return here

Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed says they did not enter the country as tourists but as journalists for which they had not sought permits.

Arrest of Aussie journalists appropriate, says deputy IGP

Police deem such action necessary to ensure the safety of leaders as well as maintain public order.