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Bill to abolish mandatory death penalty will be tabled in March...

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Liew Vui Keong says the government is committed to the protection and preservation of human rights.

Govt stands firm on abolishing fake news law, Sedition Act

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Liew Vui Keong also says Suhakam will be given more power to protect human rights in the country.

Abolish UPSR to reduce pressure on students, says teachers’ union

The National Union of the Teaching Profession says students can be assessed by their schools for places in hostels.

Judges to have discretion over death penalty, says Liew

The minister says the proposed changes are meant to give judges wider discretion in deciding whether to impose the death penalty or life imprisonment, or imprisonment for a shorter period.

Retain the Sedition Act but define it better, says PAS

Islamic party's president Abdul Hadi Awang says what constitutes sedition should be made clearer as other politicians call for repeal of the controversial law.

Analysts split on axing Sedition Act

One says the PH government must fulfil its election pledge while two others say some aspects of the act can be maintained.

NEP not sustainable, says Anwar

PKR president says dismantling the 'affirmative action' programme does not mean that the poor will be neglected.

Govt expected to table bill abolishing death penalty next week

Minister VK Liew says the papers for Cabinet consideration have been finalised, but that the death sentence for trafficking in drugs will remain.

Tackle toll issue in stages, MP tells Putrajaya

The government can start by bringing down maintenance cost, says Wong Chen.

Don’t claim ignorance over toll concessions, Najib tells Mahathir

The former prime minister throws cold water on Putrajaya's claim that it didn't realise it would cost so much to abolish tolls prior to promising to do so.

Rights group questions ‘freedom champions’ now in government over failure to...

Lawyers for Liberty calls for a single omnibus bill to be tabled in Parliament to abolish all the laws PH promised to remove.

NGO opposes move to abolish death penalty, demands referendum

Ummah says the public must be consulted before any decision is taken to abolish the death penalty as the crime rate is high.

Govt to table bill to axe Sedition Act, new law to...

A bill to do away with the Sedition Act will be tabled in March, says the law minister.

Workmen’s Compensation Act 1952 will be abolished, says Kula

He says this is to facilitate the transfer of foreign workers' protection from the Workers Compensation Act to Socso.

UUCA will be abolished, assures Maszlee

Education minister says this is being done in stages with amendments introduced initially.

Singapore launches survey on death penalty

Human rights groups said the survey is unlikely to be a prelude to Singapore softening its position on capital punishment.

Bill to abolish Sedition Act to be tabled by March, says...

Liew Vui Keong says measures to protect the monarchy will be made into a new law.

Reduce toll charges, make toll agreements public, urges economist

Professor Yeah Kim Leng says the reduction should not cost a spike in the national deficit nor burden the users, while a deputy minister says reductions may come in a year or two.

Reduce toll rates on expressways and abolish intra-city tolls

Imposing tolls within the city inconveniences the people and costs them too much time.

Najib slams PH ‘U-turn’ on abolishing tolls

The former prime minister says Pakatan Harapan had indicated before the May 9 polls that this could be easily done.

Right move to abolish death penalty, says Bar

Its president George Varughese says the pardons boards at federal and state levels must ensure 1,250 inmates on death row are also spared capital punishment.

Review of mandatory death penalty almost complete, says minister

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Liew Vui Keong is optimistic the bill can be tabled by year end.

France to replace ‘Exit Tax’ on capital gains, target fiscal cheats

A finance ministry spokesman said the new "anti-abuse mechanism" would concern asset sales made up to two years after an individual leaves France.

Bar is against whipping of offenders under shariah and civil laws

Caning is a cruel and degrading form of punishment that strips an individual of dignity and self-respect, says George Varughese.