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Make registration a must for Malaysians wishing to work abroad, says...

Human rights NGO says Putrajaya should learn from the Philippines, whose citizens follow a fixed protocol before migrating for labour purposes.

How nice if cabinet ministers lead the way and declare ‘I’m...

As we celebrate Merdeka and National Day on the crest of a momentous change in the nation, we should ride the wave of change and surf away from ethnic-based thinking.

A little taste of home…

Here's a list of Malaysian favourites every student abroad should have handy to ease cravings for that familiar taste of home.

What a loss to the nation when scholarship holders can’t get...

It's almost scary to see graduation photos of smiling Malaysian students when those who graduated years earlier are still struggling to secure jobs despite almost reaching their thirties.

Schlumberger oil services wins in US Supreme Court on patent damages

The decision expands the ability of patent owners to recover foreign-based damages, increasing the threat posed by certain infringement lawsuits in the United States.

No way home for polling day

Malaysians working abroad are hampered by expensive travel fees and the need to apply for sufficient time off to vote.

Malaysia’s super rich top global average in property investment plans

Report says about 43% of Malaysia’s wealthiest plan to buy properties overseas, beating the global average of 34%.

Malaysians abroad miss the CNY atmosphere

Celebrating Chinese New Year overseas is not the same without family and relatives but Malaysians do whatever it takes to keep the traditions alive.

Malaysians working abroad can contribute to EPF

EPF says those aged below 55 can save until they reach retirement age.