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Tag: abuse of power

Suaram slams Khalid Ismath’s late-night arrest

The NGO says authorities must stop using the Sedition Act to intimidate citizens.

Johnson’s suspension of parliament is an abuse of power, court hears

The prime minister does not have the power to shut down parliament for five weeks at a crucial time without justification, argues a lawyer.

SRC got RM4 bil loan but has nothing to show for...

Official involved in approving loan says money was given for venturing into natural resources sector but there is no project to show for it and that he doesn’t know what happened to the money.

Ex-SRC director says unaware he is on witness protection programme

Suboh Md Yassin tells Najib Razak's corruption trial 'this is what the newspapers have been reporting'.

Prosecution chases deadline as Najib’s corruption trial resumes

The prosecution is hoping to call most of its 25 remaining witnesses over 23 working days until Aug 15.

Cabinet approved guarantee letter at lightning speed for SRC to get...

Finance ministry official Afidah Azwa Abdul Aziz says she had to merely rely on the information from SRC representatives in order to rush the application through for the Cabinet meeting.

China files formal charges against ex-Interpol chief

Meng Hongwei resigned as Interpol's chief for abuse of power and taking bribes.

Pope: Church should admit history of male domination, abuse of women

Pope Francis also urged young people not to be disillusioned by the clerical sexual abuse scandal that has hit the Church.

Trump’s son-in-law Kushner cooperating with US House probe

Kushner submitted documents to Nadler's panel on Thursday in response to a wave of document requests sent by the committee.

Former Nursing Department director cleared of abuse of power charge

S Tselvin will now be entitled to her gratuity and pension after the prosecution withdraws its appeal in High Court.

12 held over RM23 million water supply project released on MACC...

The contract was allegedly secured through direct negotiation instead of an open tender.

Penang director’s son on remand over RM45,472 tender

The 27-year-old is said to have conspired with his father to obtain the tender for a nursery class system project for his company.

Penang federal agency boss arrested for abuse of power

He is accused of proposing his son's company for a government kindergarten project worth RM45,472.

With great power comes great responsibility, says Dr M

The prime minister says abuse of power by the government will cause a moral decline in society.

China steps up fight against abuse of power by stock market...

China is stepping up efforts to fight corruption in the securities market as part of a campaign to reduce financial risks following a number of irregularities.

Isa Samad to be charged with abuse of power, say sources

The MACC is believed to have wrapped up its probe into Felda's 2014 purchase of the Merdeka Palace hotel in Kuching, Sarawak.

Car dealer in corruption probe released on bail

Putrajaya Magistrate’s Court orders the 40-year-old man to be freed on bail of RM50,000 and an oral assurance of RM150,000 with two sureties.

Passage of blacklisted at KLIA: 6 immigration officers remanded

They are suspected of abetting with syndicates to facilitate blacklisted individuals in entering and leaving the country at airport.

PKR Youth accuses political secretary of abusing power

PKR Youth coordinator Ahmad Syukri Che Ab Razab claims the offer of contracts is linked to the ongoing party polls.

Lawyer: Najib’s RM3.5 mil bail amount is no cause for complaint

Sessions Court judge Azura Alwi used her discretion judiciously in not imposing additional conditions against the former PM for him to remain free, says N Sivananthan.

Bar to follow Najib’s 1MDB trial

Its secretary Roger Chan says the case is significant as the Bar had filed a legal challenge against the former AG who cleared Najib Razak of wrongdoing over the RM2.6 billion in his personal account.

Najib slapped with 25 charges over 1MDB funds

It takes 35 minutes for the 21 money laundering and four abuse of power charges to be read to the former prime minister.

21 money laundering charges plus 4 for abuse of power, say...

Sources say former prime minister Najib Razak will face at least four more charges of power abuse in addition to the 21 charges of money laundering.

Johor MB’s office denies claims of officer abusing power

It says the individual named in social media posts is not a special officer to the Johor MB.