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Tag: academic freedom

Varsities entitled to academic freedom but Malay congress crossed the line,...

The group of former top civil servants draw attention to its own forum which it says was free from political agendas.

Scholars or charlatans?

The lack of academic freedom is a secondary reason for a dead academic culture.

UKM lecturer claims told to stop writing on ‘sensitive political issues’

Abdul Muein Abadi defends his criticism of the PH government following his spat with the PM's communications adviser.

A castrated academe perpetuates fads

The recent emotionalism surrounding the Rome Statute showed the failure of Malaysian universities and educators.

Student dialogue off but Najib still going to UKM

The former prime minister also questions the government's commitment to allowing free speech on campus.

Hishamuddin Rais prevented from speaking at UKM

Activist calls on education minister to review outdated policies used by universities.

How public universities can balance finances and academic freedom

Public university heads and academic staff must rethink their fate and positions in the new Malaysia.

The fallacy of ‘academic freedom’ in Malaysia

Academic freedom has always existed in public universities – the question is whether academics are willing to pay the price.

US expert on Islam says Maszlee ’eminently qualified’ to lead IIUM

Despite controversy surrounding his appointment, the education minister gets support from former US government adviser on Islam, John L Esposito.

Maszlee’s appointment to IIUM only temporary, says Rais Hussin

The PPBM chief strategist says the education minister's appointment as the university's president is for the transitional period as mentioned in PH's manifesto.

What Maszlee’s critics don’t understand

Maszlee Malik can perhaps justify the three magic words in IIUM's name and give them their rightful meaning.

Maszlee new IIU president, DAP warns conflict of interest

This is the third time an education minister has been appointed to the university's top post.

Reforms needed at military academy as well, say ex-servicemen

The National Patriots Association says measures must be taken to tackle shortcomings at the National Defence University of Malaysia.

Keep your promise on academic freedom, students tell PH

Coalition for Academic Freedom urges education ministry to engage with students and stakeholders.

Political VCs and free speech problem at universities

Law lecturer Azmi Sharom says education minister's order for open forums provide only a short-term solution, and calls for vice-chancellors who are independent of the ministry.

Remove all politically appointed varsity heads, NGO tells Maszlee

The Malaysian Academic Movement urges new education minister to undertake crucial reforms to improve academic environment, including abolishing the National Council of Professors.

Gag order an affront to academic freedom, say UM staff

Universiti Malaya Academic Staff Association president Azmi Sharom says gag order violates freedom of expression and prevents staff from doing their jobs.

15 groups condemn Jawi ‘thought police’ over Akyol’s arrest

They warn that the current crackdown on intellectual freedom will soon give way to extremism in Malaysian society.

No academic freedom in public varsities without autonomy

Think-tank IDEAS calls for policies to allow Malaysian universities to enjoy greater autonomy over their own administrative affairs without political interference.

Syed Saddiq’s talk in KYUEM Summit yanked

Youth activist however praises members of organising committee who resigned soon after in protest of curtailed academic freedom.

Replace Sedition Act with law against incitement

Protect free speech and academic freedom, enact new law against incitement of racial, gender and religious hatred

MP: Varsities should raise quality, not gag students

University of Malaya urged to stop harassing students who complained about Internet policy.