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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Tag: academician

Deferring HSR project a smart move, says academician

He says if HSR project materialises, it will definitely bring in more investors to Johor and Malaysia.

Money politics influences policies, warns academician

He says the lack of laws controlling political funding will cause politicians to pay and make their way into the political parties’ top leadership and secure positions in federal Cabinet or government-linked companies.

GST can affect rural Malay votes for BN, says analyst

A political analyst with a Singapore think tank suggests with GST having affected the poor the most, rural voters may take out their frustrations on ruling party.

Experienced lecturers let go due to varsity budget cuts

Student activists claim this will affect quality of future education in public universities.

Deported Turkish academician, 4 others freed after charges dropped

Attorney-General’s Chambers agrees to allow court to grant the five a discharge not amounting to acquittal on obstruction charges after one of the accused was deported.