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Hong Kong will ‘fearlessly take action’ against independence talk

Any talk of independence incenses Beijing as Chinese President Xi Jinping increasingly emphasises the importance of territorial integrity.

Gobind: Telcos which charge SST on prepaid cards to face strict...

The communications and multimedia minister says the directive on the matter is clear: No SST for Malaysians who buy prepaid cards.

Dr M: Something’s amiss when hardworking Kelantanese prefer to work elsewhere

The prime minister says Kelantanese businessmen and workers are doing well in other states and Singapore, and that the federal government has to financially support the Kelantan government.

CJ’s office probes alleged meddling by senior judges in court decisions

Chief Justice Richard Malanjum’s office says appropriate action will be taken after the investigation is completed.

SST: Guan Eng says Putrajaya won’t take action against traders if…

The finance minister says traders must provide valid reasons if they fail to register their businesses for the SST before Sept 1.

India’s top court demands action against rape at govt homes

The Supreme Court on Tuesday, hearing a plea into the Bihar case, admonished the Modi government's record in tackling rape.

British caver says he was approached by US, British lawyers over...

Unsworth has said he is considering legal action against the billionaire entrepreneur, who is chief executive of the electric car maker Tesla Inc.

Najib may face money laundering, misappropriation charges

Sources say public prosecutor likely to charge former PM Najib Razak with money laundering and misappropriation of property over the 1MDB scandal.

Muhyiddin: Enough proof of Jho Low as main culprit in 1MDB

The home minister says immediate action must be taken to bring Low Taek Jho to justice.

Come clean on abductions, NGO tells police

CAGED wants an immediate probe into the claim by Amri Che Mat's wife that she was told by a police informer that the police were responsible for the disappearance of her husband and Pastor Raymond Koh.

Rafidah, Rais and Daim may face the sack, warns Umno

Party secretary-general Tengku Adnan Mansor tells veteran critics to exercise discipline, saying he 'can’t tolerate this nonsense'.

Health ministry orders recall of canned sardines with worms

The ministry found dead worms in a brand of sardines made in China and has told the importers to recall them immediately.

Arab ire at US Jerusalem move looks unlikely to spark action

Nour Odeh, a Palestinian political analyst, said Palestinians had low expectations for any Arab response.

US readies response to Syria attacks after UN clash with Russia

The US leader has made it clear he plans to make Bashar al-Assad, and perhaps his Russian and Iranian backers, pay a price for the latest alleged toxic gas atrocity of Syria's civil war.

Muhyiddin: Why no action on 1MDB ‘fake news’ since 2016?

PPBM president tells government not to use issue of fake news as an excuse to warn media against reporting on 1MDB controversy.

Hannah Yeoh takes Splash to task for Selangor water woes

The Subang Jaya assemblyperson says the management of Splash must take responsibility for its failure to prepare for all contingencies.

US accuses Russia of breaching treaties with ‘invincible’ weapons

The United States on Thursday accused Moscow of openly breaching Cold War-era treaties by developing what Russian President Vladimir Putin called a new generation of "invincible" hypersonic weapons and submarines.

Trump urges prison reform, not sentencing overhaul after pushback

In his State of Union address last month, Trump pledged to help give former prisoners a second chance, but he also consistently talks tough about handling drug dealers.

PPBM to take action against 400 who complained to RoS

Legal action will also be taken against non-members who lodged reports on party's AGM, says PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin.

Take action on tunnel probe leaks, Guan Eng tells MACC

The chief minister says MACC must take action against media outlets that may have jeopardised investigations by revealing matters that are classified as secret.

Council to focus on factors affecting inflation, says Hamzah

Minister says council will comprise economists, industry players, NGOs and stakeholders who understand consumer issues.

Draconian laws silence us, youth activists tell Khairy

They respond to minister’s call for youths to speak up and claim he is 'living in his fantasy world'.

Nazri: I was ill, don’t know about action against absent MPs

He was responding to DPM's statement that action has been taken after BN nearly lost the vote on Monday in Dewan Rakyat.

‘Probe malicious viral messages of durians turned back from China’

Durian festival organisers in China say motive for messages must be investigated to protect market.