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Elderly daycare: Keeping the elderly active and alert

Caregivers should consider elderly daycare, knowing that their loved one is safe in the hands of professional nurses and trained caretakers.

4 fun things to keep seniors physically and mentally active

Sometimes a little company and mental stimulation goes a long way in keeping the elderly happy.

DAP’s Stephen Wong unapologetic about accepting Datukship

Sabah DAP chairman says previously there were no clear instructions from the party and it would be disrespectful to the governor to reject the award.

Dr M: Don’t be like me, I’m not active in sports

He says he used to play rugby during his school days and advises people to exercise.

Yes, millennials can start investing from as low as RM100

If you keep to a budget and have consistent savings, you will be able to monitor your cash flow and determine the amount of capital you have to initiate an investment.

What no one tells you about investing in Malaysia

Get to know the various aspects of investing and how you can stay on top of things.

Cheating spouse website Ashley Madison on the rebound

It has invested significantly in security and privacy since last year, resulting in an average of 10,715 new members daily.