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Rising number of medical workers resorting to drugs to cope with...

Although health ministry denies such claims, a psychiatrist says doctors themselves are getting hooked to drugs such as ice and opioids to cope with long working hours.

Battling addiction among trained workers, professionals

Doctor tells of battle to kick methamphetamine habit and lack of support system.

Jail should be last resort, says drug policy reform advocate

Samantha Chong says if a youth has a drug use disorder, treatment and counselling should be better.

Boiling addiction down to a disease may hinder recovery

Explaining to people that there are effective treatments and therapies to overcome their addiction could be more productive.

How to overcome credit card addiction

Find out the symptoms of credit card addiction, and what steps you can take from a financial perspective to rehabilitate yourself.

Sackler family sued by New York over opioid `catastrophe’ 

The suit, filed Thursday in Manhattan, claims Purdue caused “this disaster” by pushing doctors to issue prescriptions and lying about the risk of addiction.

Hunt on for good cyber gamers with eSports league set up

Youth and Sports ministry is looking to select players to represent Malaysia at the 2019 SEA Games in Manila.

Heavy smoking could damage your vision finds new study

The study showed that smokers had a reduced ability to discriminate between contrasts and colours when compared to the non-smokers.

Mandatory counselling being considered for parents of drug addicts

The national anti-drug agency hopes that once such sessions are made compulsory, parents will know more about how to help their children.

Smokers who roll their own cigarettes are less likely to quit

The main reason for this difference appears to be the lower cost of hand-rolling, which is significantly cheaper than smoking factory-made products.

Taking just 1 week off from social media causes withdrawal symptoms

Even a short break from social media platforms may cause withdrawal symptoms, according to new research. (AFP Relaxnews pic)

Olympic swimmer Lochte reportedly seeks treatment for alcohol addiction

Lochte is currently serving a 14-month suspension for a doping violation after receiving an intravenous infusion without a therapeutic use exemption.

We failed in war on drugs despite huge funds, says Wan...

The deputy prime minister says the statistics of drug addiction in the country is worrying.

Emergent BioSolutions to buy Narcan maker Adapt Pharma

Narcan, often carried by police officers and medical teams, contains the chemical naloxone hydrochloride and was approved as a nasal spray in 2015.

Parents must take the lead in curbing internet addiction, says expert

Cybersecurity expert SL Rajesh says it will be difficult for the government to limit internet access for teenagers after midnight.

Addicted to sex: It isn’t as raunchy as you think

While those addicted to sex are often reviled by others, many genuinely suffer from personality disorders that leave them with no control over their sexual impulses.

Gaming addiction classified as mental health disorder by WHO

The WHO's latest reference bible of recognized and diagnosable diseases describes addiction to digital and video gaming as "a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour" that becomes so extensive that it "takes precedence over other life interests".

Expert warns of drug abuse-like symptoms in kids hooked on devices

Prolonged use of electronic devices by children could alter their brain, forcing them to spend more time on the devices to achieve the same level of pleasure.

Ketum doesn’t cause addiction and more studies badly needed

Research shows addicts can wean off their dependency on opiates and amphetamine-type stimulants by drinking ketum juice.

Pioneering approach to addiction in Rhode Island jails saves lives

Prisoners in Rhode Island who are addicted to opioids are currently being given methadone to help them beat their addiction.

IPhone addiction may be a virtue, not a vice for investors

Social media companies, not hardware makers, are more deserving of any addiction-related scrutiny, some said.

Apple should address youth phone addiction, say two large investors

Jana and CalSTRS also asked Apple to study the impact of excessive phone use on mental health.

Jailani: Internet addiction has reached alarming rate

The deputy minister says a study carried out on 725 Malaysians shows that 89% are addicted to the Internet.

Former rock star squandered half a million on drugs

Radhi OAG says he had used about RM500,000 of his savings to sustain his drug habit.