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Woman charged with murdering maid freed due to failing health, judge...

Akhtar Tahir says in his judgment that Section 254 (3) of the Criminal Procedure Code allows him to use his discretion to acquit an accused in certain circumstances.

Kerajaan fail rayuan majikan bebas tuduhan bunuh amah

Pegawai di Jabatan Peguam Negara berkata, pihak pendakwaan sedang menunggu Mahkamah Rayuan menetapkan pengurusan kes sebelum tarikh pendengaran rayuan ditetapkan.

Public pressure gathers momentum over acquittal in maid abuse case

An online petition started by Tenaganita urges the AGC to quickly table the Domestic Workers' Bill to protect people such as Adelina Lisao who died from alleged abuse.

Majikan bebas tuduhan bunuh amah: Suruhanjaya Indonesia gesa Malaysia merayu

Komnas Perempuan berkata masih ada masa 14 hari untuk timbalan pendakwa raya merayu terhadap pembebasan Ambika MA Shan.

Appeal decision to acquit employer of murdering maid, says Indonesian commission

The National Commission on Violence Against Women wants Jakarta to fight for and fulfil Adelina's rights as a victim and those of her family.

How much a maid is worth in Malaysia

Ambika MA Shan's acquittal might give prospective employers free rein to abuse their maids because they know they will not be punished.

Nothing sinister, lawyer says after maid’s boss cleared of murder

Anbananthan Yathiraju says his client, Ambika MA Shan, was acquitted in accordance with the law.

Adelina case: MP contacts attorney-general for action

Steven Sim hopes the legal system will uphold justice after the employer is granted a full acquittal from a murder charge.

Majikan dituduh bunuh amah bebas, Tenaganita mahu peguam negara jawab

Mahkamah Tinggi dilapor membebaskan Ambika MA Shan daripada tuduhan bunuh selepas timbalan pendakwaraya minta dia dilepaskan tanpa dibebaskan.

Tenaganita wants AG to answer after boss of maid has murder...

Group upset that employer who allegedly forced the Indonesian maid to live in a kennel was acquitted in court today.

Court sets May 28 for mention in murder of Indonesian maid

This after the DPP reveals that the prosecution has yet to receive the post-mortem and chemist reports.

Peguam terkejut Datin dera amah tidak dihukum penjara

Mereka mahu pendakwa raya merayu keputusan menghukum Rozita Mohamed Ali dengan bon berkelakuan baik.

Immigration: No foreign maids for those with criminal records

The department has put in place an online system to weed out those unfit to hire foreign domestic workers.

Indonesian maid’s death highlights failure to protect helpers

Activists accuse the governments of both Malaysia and Indonesia of failing to take the protection of maids seriously.

Video of abuse not related to Adelina’s case, say cops

Central Seberang Perai police chief says no report has been lodged on the incident shown in the video which has been shared widely on social media.

Have we lost our humanity, asks Santiago

Klang MP Charles Santiago says Malaysians should take heed of Swiss envoy's remark on the lack of an outcry over the death of an Indonesian maid recently.

Indonesia sends diplomatic note on its migrant workers’ rights

Spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir says Jakarta will work with Malaysian authorities to ensure judicial process on Adelina Lisao’s death is conducted properly.

Where was the outcry over maid’s death, Swiss envoy asks

Michael Winzap asks if Amnesty International, as a human rights organisation, has been highlighting such cases and making sure Malaysians know about them.

Woman, 60, charged with Indonesian maid’s murder

Her daughter is charged with employing the maid, who did not possess a valid pass.

Woman, 60, to be charged with murder over Indonesian maid’s death

The woman’s daughter will be charged with harbouring an illegal immigrant.

Maid abuse? Many Malaysians simply do not care

Employers act as if they own the maids and the ‘don't care’ attitude is present in the individual right up to the crony who runs the agency and the heads of enforcement in the various government departments.

Maid’s death: Remand of woman, 60, extended 1 week

Bukit Mertajam magistrate’s court registrar Nor Hapipah Abdullah allows police to detain woman for investigation into death of Indonesian maid, until Feb 26.

Emotional scene at airport as Adelina’s body arrives home

Spokesperson says family members are distressed to have Adelina Lisao return to her hometown in Indonesia in a coffin after she was taken away to be illegally employed in Malaysia.

Dead Indonesian maid’s family demands 3 years’ ‘unpaid’ salary

The family of Adelina Lisao, who is alleged to have been abused by her employers, claims she has not been paid salary for three years, and wants the money, according to a report.