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The youngest children in class more likely to be diagnosed with...

Despite being one of the most commonly diagnosed and medicated childhood psychiatric disorders in the world, ADHD remains difficult to diagnose, as there are no biological markers or physical tests for the condition.

Identifying the underlying issues of why we procrastinate

Being under stress, suffering from ADHD, anxiety or depression can be some of the reasons why we keep putting off doing simple tasks.

Teens glued to phones risk ‘modest’ rise in ADHD symptoms, study...

Could teenagers suffer symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) after engaging in excessive smartphone use?

No link found between exposure to air pollution in pregnancy and...

A new large-scale European study suggests that exposure to air pollution during pregnancy may not be linked to an increased risk of attention-deficit and hyperactivity symptoms in children.

More US kids overdosing on ADHD drugs

Medication errors related to dosing or timing were the most common cause of overdoses.

Could ADHD be linked to a lack of sleep?

Those with ADHD also show a higher level of alertness in the evening, which is the opposite of what is found in the general population.

Special needs teachers do more than just teach

Patience and innovation are key to successful classroom interaction with students who have special needs.

Teen sues school, govt for failure to provide special needs education

The 19-year-old boy is seeking damages and declaration that he has the right to obtain special education under the Federal Constitution.

ADHD a ‘brain disorder’, not just bad behaviour

The largest analysis to date of the brains of people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder found "structural differences" and evidence of delayed development compared with non-sufferers, researchers reported.

Studies suggest ADHD can show up in adulthood

Disorder commonly known to affect children, causing low attention span and hyperactive behaviour traced among adults, say researchers.

ADHD may emerge in adulthood for some

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is widely considered a condition that affects children, but some people may not develop it until they become adults, international researchers said Wednesday.