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Tag: Adib inquest

AG assures professional study of probe papers on Adib’s death

Tommy Thomas says no stone will be left unturned once the investigation papers are submitted.

Court sets Sept 27 for verdict on Adib’s death

The date was fixed when the case came up for mention today.

AG denies interrupting Adib inquest

Tommy Thomas says he was only clarifying the situation and clearing speculation over lawyer Syazlin Mansor's withdrawal from the inquest proceedings.

Court closes inquest into Adib’s death

Coroner Rofiah Mohamad says the witness testimonies are enough for the court to deliver a verdict.

Adib’s dad accuses AG of stopping lawyer from doing her job

Mohd Kassim Abdul Hamid says Tommy Thomas unlawfully interfered in the search for justice by trying to suppress his family's lawyer.

Syazlin Mansor to return as counsel for Adib’s family

The lawyer says the late fireman’s father asked her to continue as their lawyer.

Zuraida accepts resignation of aide married to lawyer in Adib inquest

Minister says she received Ahmad Soffian Mohd Shariff's notice of resignation through a chat message.

Redundant for DPP to represent ministry in Adib inquest, says lawyer

M Visvanathan says the DPP cannot be seen as taking an opposing stand to the case put forward by the conducting officer, which is based on the police investigation.

AGC rebuked for inattention to Adib family counsel’s 3 hats

Lawyer SN Nair says alarm bells should have gone off when Syazlin Mansor was found to be representing two government agencies as well.

On the AG’s explanation of Syazlin’s withdrawal from Adib inquest

The claim that Syazlin Mansor would be in a position of conflict of interest is untenable as an inquest is not a criminal trial, with no prosecution and no defence.

Ministry’s lawyer instructed to withdraw from Adib inquest?

Syazlin Mansor withdrew from the inquest into the death of fireman Muhammad Adib.

Reports lodged over attempts to threaten expert witnesses in Adib inquest

However, police say they are unable to investigate the case as the inquest into the fireman's death is still in session.

Dummy test shows Adib could have been hit by van door,...

Dr Shahrom Abd Wahib used an orange mannequin to conduct the experiment.

61 people questioned, none saw Adib assaulted, says cop

Policeman says the sole witness who did see an assault taking place outside the Seafield temple could not confirm if the victim was the late Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

Adib went missing after attack by mob, colleague tells inquest

Fireman Ahmad Shahril Othman describes how his Emergency Medical Rescue Service van was set upon by more than 50 people.

‘Adib inquest sets bad precedent, cops should complete probe’

A lawyer says a police investigation is more effective in finding out the truth about Adib's death.