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Tag: Adib Kassim

Cops pledge thorough probe into Adib’s murder, no time limit

Deputy police chief Mazlan Mansor says there might be a new dimension to the case.

Impact calculation methods of pathologists flawed, Adib inquest told

UiTM lecturer says neither the weight of the fireman nor that of the EMRS van that hit him should have been taken into account in calculating the force of impact.

Band of brothers connection to Pastor Koh, Amri and Teoh Beng...

Increasingly, it seems that government agencies and others are forming bands of brothers to protect their interests even at the cost of justice and truth.

Probe into Adib’s injuries should have begun from day one, says...

Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid tells fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim inquest that the authorities should not wait for people to die and only then take action.

NGO head charged with criminal intimidation, insult at Adib rally

The president of Jaringan Melayu Malaysia pleads not guilty to threatening to attack police station.

Terima ugutan: Pakar forensik inkues Adib lapor polis

Laporan polis itu dipercayai berhubung kait ugutan serta cubaan mempengaruhi penilaian kedua-dua saksi itu oleh seorang lagi saksi dalam kes berkenaan.

Impossible for Adib to step out from van to escape riot,...

Forensic expert Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid says it seems impossible for someone to jump down from reversing van.

Selesai inkues baru fail afidavit Adib dipukul atau tidak, kata peguam

Mohd Kamaruzaman A Wahab berkata sepatutnya afadavit difailkan selepas inkues kematian Muhammad Adib Mohd Kasim selesai.

IGP should clarify statement that Adib was assaulted, says cop probing...

Investigating officer Lew Keng Joe says there were no marks on Adib's face and there would be head injuries if he had been assaulted.

Unlikely that Adib was assaulted, says pathologist

Hospital Kuala Lumpur’s Dr Mohd Shah Mahmood says this was based on the fireman’s injuries during the post-mortem.

Adib may have stepped out of EMRS van during riot, doctor...

He says he did not find any injuries during his post-mortem to suggest the fireman was pulled out from his medical van.

Saksi andai Adib digilis tayar EMRS

Menurut saksi, ruang Adib jatuh di antara EMRS dan kenderaan di kiri jalan agak sempit.

Adib could not have understood question as he lay injured, says...

Consultant surgeon Dr Mohamed Ezani Md Taib tells of Adib's nod as he was brought to the National Heart Institute.

Make us interested party to assist in Adib’s death, Bar Council...

Lawyer Cyrus Tiu Foo Woei says the council existed to protect and assist the public in all matters relating to the law.

IGP: Adib’s case still under probe, more suspects to be charged...

IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun says investigation papers have been submitted to the DPP.

Umno: Why have inquest when cops still probing Adib’s death?

Acting Umno president says investigating cause of death different from finding those who caused fireman's death.

Villagers reel in shock over Adib’s death, talk about his plans...

Friends and family members say the fireman was to have thrown a feast this Saturday and had bought a car in preparation for his wedding.

IGP: Refrain from touching on racial sensitivities

This is to avoid deterioration of public disorder in country following death of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim from injuries sustained during Seafield temple fracas.

Malaysians take aim at 2 politicians as sympathies come flooding for...

Hashtags call for justice as well as the ouster of Minister P Waytha Moorthy and Selangor exco V Ganabatirau.