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Tag: Adilur Rahman Khan

Imigresen akan siasat dakwaan aktivis Bangladesh, kata KP

Aktivis hak asasi manusia Adilur Rahman Khan dakwa beliau terpaksa membayar RM429 untuk membeli makanan semasa ditahan di KLIA

No food at KLIA lockup: Immigration to probe Bangladeshi’s grouses

The activist told Bangladeshi reporters he was forced to fork out US$100 to get food while under detention at airport.

Bangladeshi activist alleges harsh conditions in KLIA lockup

Human rights lawyer Adilur Rahman Khan says he had to pay US$100 for food while other foreign detainees who could not pay only had water to survive.

Bangladesh human rights activist detained at KLIA

Suaram condemns arrest of Adilur Rahman Khan who arrived this morning to attend a conference in Kuala Lumpur on the abolition of the death penalty.