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Tag: Advisory Board

Warlords likely behind Najib’s appointment, says Ku Li

The Umno veteran says he is surprised by Najib’s appointment as BN advisory board chairman but adds that the party welcomes all views.

Suddenly, I am not so happy where I am, Khairy says

The Rembau MP gives cryptic answer when asked to comment on Najib Razak’s appointment as BN adviser.

Nine new faces on DBKL advisory board ‘not so new’, says...

Selamatkan Kuala Lumpur (SKL) and Centre for Combating Corruption and Cronyism question the recent appointments to the board of City Hall.

Anwar’s ex-lawyer appointed DBKL advisory board member

S N Nair describes his appointment as a funny twist as he had several times taken DBKL to court.

Get good advisers to revamp education, Mahathir urged

Education consultant Tan Ai Mei says the prime minister needs feedback from teachers and parents, not just academics, to improve education in the nation.

Advisers to MACC chief have nothing to do with advisory board,...

The four appointed to advice the MACC chief are special individuals with extensive experience and their appointment will not intefere in the functions of the board, says the board chairman.

MACC urged to extend crackdown on crooked cops

MACC advisory board, which met today, says the anti-graft body should extend probe to the highest level of the police hierarchy, without fear or favour.