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Admit that Malaysians get trafficked too, Putrajaya told

Tenaganita speaks of girls sold overseas as sex workers and other victims sent to western countries as underpaid farm workers.

Tenaganita dubious over Wang Kelian RCI

The government is urged to give details of how the probe will be conducted given the likelihood of a lack of witnesses.

Protect foreign victims of human trafficking too, Putrajaya told

Activists says under current practice, even newborn babies are sent to detention camps.

Malaysia kini tumpuan pasaran seks bawah umur, kata aktivis

Malaysia semakin menjadi destinasi lelaki yang mahukan seks bawah umur, tetapi rakyat umum kurang peka.

Crackdown on illegals puts trafficking victims in danger

Tenaganita says many workers are duped by traffickers into coming to Malaysia, where they were not given legal work documents.

Cops must charge men who attacked female guard, says Tenaganita

NGO feels although victim had withdrawn her complaint, onus is on cops to act on those who are violent.

Where’s the uproar over yet another death?

If Malaysians have any sense of remorse in their hearts, they will be out in the streets telling employers and the government, enough is enough.

NGO lauds direct hiring of domestic workers in 9 countries

Tenaganita executive director says government must ensure comprehensive policy development with bilateral agreements instead of MoUs.

Suaram: Probe causes of late birth registration

Better to improve the system than to punish, says the rights group.

Castrating rapists a ‘barbaric act’, say human rights groups

They say the Sarawak state government should reject the proposal, as it is against human rights.

Tenaganita: Recognise maids as employees

Human rights NGO says as long as there's no protection mechanism, domestic helpers will run away.

Santiago: Human trafficking court like putting cart before the horse

The Klang MP said the nexus between enforcement authorities and human traffickers has to be broken off as the essential first step to end human trafficking.

Santiago slams FGV for eyeing new foreign labour

The Klang MP says it makes better sense to hire foreigners who are already in the country.

Kim Jong Nam killing exposes murky world of migrants

The involvement of two women from Southeast Asian nations in the murder of Kim Jong Nam has been been followed by a clamp down by police on similar migrant workers.

Hire undocumented migrants before bringing in foreign labour, says Tenaganita

Tenaganita co-director Aegile Fernandez says undocumented migrant workers already have the skills, language and knowledge of the country.

Dadah percuma untuk remaja, mana Pemadam dan PBT, soal Tenaganita

Aegile Fernandez pertikai kewujudan sistem sokongan Persatuan Mencegah Dadah Malaysia untuk remaja dan pelajar, yang sedang diumpan 'gula-gula' dari jelitawan sindiket dadah.

Archived: Are we a hotspot for organ trafficking?

While skeptics are doubtful that illegal organ trafficking exist in Malaysia, reports tell otherwise.

Archived: NGOs: We are not puppets to politicians

There have been accusations that some NGOs work with politicians and by doing so they become politicised and are influenced by them.

Archived: Bosses stressed out, maids suffer

Civil rights movements say that work-related stress and family problems are the main reasons why employers bash up their maids.