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Tag: aerospace

Sabah lawmakers ready to declare assets, says DCM

Deputy chief minister Madius Tangau says he has done so recently and has no problem doing it again.

Boeing knew of 737 MAX safety system glitch year before deadly...

Boeing says management was unaware of the issue until the crash in Indonesia.

No wonder Perak remains second poorest state in country

PM must stop Perak from wasting money and industrial land on new aerospace project in Manjung.

SpaceX capsule on big mission begins return to Earth

It represents the first private mission to the International Space Station, as well as the first time a space vessel capable of carrying people was launched by the US in eight years.

British engineer Cobham intends to reinstate dividend

The British defence and aerospace firm is positive on its outlook for 2019.

Nasa and China collaborate on Moon exploration

Nasa's lunar orbiter will pass over the Chang'e 4 landing site on January 31 and will snap pictures, as it did for the Chang'e 3 in 2013.

SpaceX launches final 10 satellites for Iridium

The effort aims to cut the costs of spaceflight and make expensive rocket parts more reusable, like aeroplanes.

Nasa chief says Elon Musk won’t be smoking joints publicly again

SpaceX has been a contractor for Nasa since 2012.

US charges Chinese intelligence officers for jet engine data hack

This marks the third major corporate espionage-related case involving Chinese intelligence officers brought by the Justice Department since last month.

Leiking: Sabah companies must tap into huge aerospace business

Out of the 230 registered companies in Malaysia, Sabah only has 10 companies involved in the aerospace industry.

Boeing profits surge after tax settlement, raises earnings estimate

Boeing upgraded its revenue forecast by US$1 billion to a range of US$98 billion to US$100 billion for the full year.

Nasa blasts off space laser satellite to track ice loss

The launch marks the first time in nearly a decade that Nasa has had a tool in orbit to measure ice sheet surface elevation across the globe.

After technical delay, Nasa to try again launching Sun probe

The car-sized probe is designed to give scientists a better understanding of solar wind and geomagnetic storms that risk wreaking chaos on Earth by knocking out the power grid.

Theresa May says her Brexit plan supports aerospace companies like Airbus

In a speech at the Farnborough air show in southern England on Monday, May will announce 343 million pounds (US$453 million) of funding for the industry.

Rolls Royce adds to Brexit alarm sounded by UK manufacturers

The aerospace giant told Bloomberg in a statement on Thursday that it’s moving the design approval for large jet engines to Germany to ensure it can continue operating whatever the Brexit outcome.

Trumps wants to dominate space, Moon and Mars with a ‘Space...

The US president called for the Pentagon to create a new America "Space Force" that would become the sixth branch of the American military but requires Congressional approval to take effect.

US, China firms brace for escalating trade war

Agricultural trader Cargill, the largest US private company, called for dialogue between Beijing and Washington so businesses, farmers and consumers would not be caught up in an all-out trade war.

SpaceX delays plans to send tourists around Moon, says report

SpaceX has not publicly released any new timeline for the mission, first announced in February 2017.

SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship heads back to Earth

SpaceX's unmanned Dragon cargo ship left the International Space Station Saturday carrying 4,000 pounds (1,800 kilograms) of gear and prepared to splash down in the Pacific Ocean by mid-afternoon, NASA said.

SpaceX blasts off NASA’s new planet-hunter, TESS

NASA on Wednesday blasted off its newest planet-hunting spacecraft, TESS, a $337 million satellite that aims to scan 85 percent of the skies for cosmic bodies where life may exist.

Boeing, Lockheed interested in launching rockets from Brazil, minister says

Brazilian Defense Minister Raul Jungmann claimed that several US aerospace companies are interested in launching rockets from the Alcântara Launch Centre.

Selangor a vital part of Malaysia’s aerospace ambitions

Strand Aerospace Malaysia CEO hails Selangor's emphasis on billion-dollar aerospace industry.

Malaysia poised for further growth in aerospace industry

Export of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products is expected to grow by 20% this year, says Miti minister Mustapa Mohamed.

Lima may see a change in organiser

An unnamed source says the worsening performances of previous shows have prompted the Defence Ministry to call for a tender.