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Tag: Affirmative action

Anwar expects to take over in 2020

The PKR president says rivals gunning for the top post are irrelevant.

Make affirmative action needs-based, says Daim

The government's chief adviser says the B40 must be given priority irrespective of race.

Make needs-based affirmative action official, says economist

Ramon Navaratnam calls for the formalisation of the policy through an act of Parliament.

NEP’s socialist origins and the deep state

Young turks pushing for the New Economic Policy may have been influenced by an Indian.

A rare glimpse into NEP’s origins

After the May 13 riots, Abdul Razak Hussein set up a core group which included non-Malays to work out the New Economic Policy which has succeeded in some aspects and failed miserably in others.

Affirmative action to provide opportunities, not sacrifice standards

The right approach to the debate on the matriculation programme is to make the course as vigorous and as challenging as other A-level programmes.

Affirmative action a flop, make it needs-based, says Sabah think tank...

Institute for Development Studies Sabah chairman Simon Sipaun says the policy has become a divisive factor defeating the objectives of the NEP.

Go beyond NEP and focus on all, says think tank

Research outfit says affirmative action has led to dissension and discord, although the NEP was meant to build and unite a nation.

Call to push forth Malay agenda is Azmin’s personal opinion, says...

The PKR chief says PH should stick to its commitment to helping the poor from all communities.

Malays still far behind, benefits needed, says Umno MP

Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman says there are still more rich Chinese than rich Malays in the country.

Poverty line in Malaysia should be 3 times higher, says expert

Martin Ravallion says data transparency in Malaysia is 'well below' the standards expected of a developed country.

Putting into context the myth of lazy natives

Malaysian society should see Dr Mahathir’s comments and Alatas’ book as an appeal to blast the Malays out of their insecure realm so they can compete on equal footing without the 'malas' baggage.

Looking to India on ratifying ICERD

India is comparable to Malaysia on several fronts but has ratified the ICERD without any ratifications.

ICERD is not against affirmative action

Affirmative action is practised across the world, including in countries which have ratified the ICERD, to help poor or marginalised groups.

Stick to the law, use proper avenues to debate ICERD, says...

Inspector-General of Police tells the public to have confidence in government's commitment to consider all views before making a decision on ratifying the UN rights treaty.

On affirmative action, Bumiputeras and Malay privileges

All Malaysians should be able to reclaim their inalienable rights and understand the transient nature of affirmative action.

Malays not sidelined in economic policies, says Azmin

he economic affairs minister says this is because statistics show that many Malays are still lagging behind others, and many are in the B40 group.

Malaysia’s system of governance abused by Najib, says Mahathir

The prime minister says it is up to the court to decide on the charges against Najib.

The Bumiputera congress and Azmin’s New Malay

The New Malay must not simply be another version of the Old Malay – he needs to inculcate values such as the four K's: keterbukaan, kesederhanaan, keihsanan, and keberusahawanan.

Does Singapore ‘bribe’ the poor too, Najib asks Azmin

The former prime minister says the concept of taxing the rich to help the poor is normal in other countries as well.

‘Malays still a focus with class-based aid’

Malays will automatically benefit from needs-based affirmative action, but an economist says there is still a need to specifically address Malay poverty.

Bumiputera policies still needed, says Malay lobby group

Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu says Malaysia can only achieve collective prosperity if there is equitable economic sharing between ethnic groups.

Affirmative action should be based on need

A dwindling minority cannot indefinitely support a growing majority without leaving a huge burden for future generations.

Changes to Bumi policy among CEP recommendations, says report

CEP chief Daim Zainuddin says proposed programmes should not be to the detriment of economic growth or at the expense of other social groups.