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Tag: affordability

Passion vs income: How does one choose?

Which you do want - a career that allows you to do what you love most or a mundane job that earns you big bucks? Read on for some sound advice.

Here’s why new townships represent super opportunities

When considering buying property in new townships, the key deciding factors are affordability and potential for appreciation.

When your ‘ability’ determines your affordability rating

It is your choice to ensure that you have the ability to generate income over time so you can afford to buy your desired piece of property.

How to exercise prudence when investing in property

While you may be eager to invest in property, make sure you are thorough with your research, picky about location and wary of the world economy.

Survey: 70% want lower life and health insurance premiums

Survey of 1,505 people mirrors that of a 2015 Bank Negara survey which found affordability was the main reason people did not buy policies or allowed policies to lapse.

BNM debunks ‘myth’ that banks are hindering home ownership

Bank Negara resists calls to loosen mortgage lending,says property industry needs to cut costs in order to spur home loans.

Malaysia named among best retirement havens in the world

Expats cite Malaysia's affordability, transport infrastructure and internet facilities as factors which draw them to the country.