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Buyers want rent-to-own scheme to cover homes lower than RM300,000

National Home Buyers Association says if price is lowered to RM300,000, more than 30,000 will be eligible to buy the homes.

Technical, commercial consultants chosen to cut cost of HSR project

MyHSR Corp says this is a major step forward to develop an affordable HSR project.

95% of civil servants below 30 don’t own houses, says Cuepacs

Cuepacs president Azih Muda says most civil servants cannot afford to buy houses due to the exorbitant prices.

Buying a house should not land buyer in financial difficulty, says...

Bank Negara Malaysia deputy governor says the percentage of income spent to service the mortgage must not exceed the person’s financial capacity, and they must be able to pay for other obligations on top of this commitment.

Better policies needed so more can own homes

JPPH has proposed that a committee monitor the cost of development components to see how housing prices can be made more affordable in the country.

6 gorgeous yet affordable Asian destinations to visit in 2019

Asia has plenty to offer in terms of culture, landscape and cuisine, and with proper planning, some destinations can be relatively light on the wallet too.

Ease loan rules to overcome housing glut, says Penang housing developers...

Penang Rehda says housing glut reminiscent of 1999 property bubble.

Property market to decline, then recover in 2019

It's good news for those ready with a downpayment but bad news for owners of properties in locations where there’s an oversupply.

Hong Kong’s cheapest homes are still expensive

Hong Kong’s government has started to sell the first batch of cheap homes, called 'starter homes', priced 38% below market levels.

Helping Malaysians own property and escape poverty

Besides cheaper house prices, developers should also offer 'more value for money' for buyers of affordable homes.

Understanding Malaysia’s 3 categories of affordable homes

Only the National Housing Policy can clearly explain what the minister of Housing and Local Government meant when she said there will be streamlining of all housing projects.

Jagdeep moots federal ‘housing tax’ to build affordable homes

Penang exco man says UK and other European countries have successfully carried out this scheme.

36-year wait is long enough, say TTDI longhouse residents

Taman Tun Dr Ismail longhouse residents hope new government will put in more effort into delivering their affordable housing units swiftly.

Five questions for the health minister on B40 insurance plan

We are a nation that has practised universal public healthcare so it seems odd that the ministry wants to embark on an insurance plan for the B40 group which may benefit profit-minded entities.

Build expensive houses at your own risk, Penang warns developers

As the number of unsold high-end properties goes up, Penang Housing Committee chairman says it is time for developers to build more affordable homes.

Ford unveils new affordable SUV

The Blue Oval has come up with a plan to introduce as many as 50 new models in the People's Republic between now and 2025. One of the first new affordable Ford Territory crossover.

3 signs of an impending property bubble burst

Look out for a sharp and continuous increase in house prices, the number of affordable housing choices, and the number of Non-Performing Loans in the country.

Property prices not coming down soon, says expert

A property expert says property bubble will burst only when banks rush to foreclose loans and developers can’t hold on to their inventory.

Maximum price of affordable home should be RM282,000, says BNM

The central bank says housing developers' definition of 'affordable homes' as those priced between EM300,000 to RM500,000 is inaccurate.

Batu Ferringhi hill development by the book, says Penang exco

Jagdeep Singh Deo dares Penang BN to ask Putrajaya to lower its hill land development limits.

Dr M: Govt must reduce wealth gap, stop sale of Bumiputera...

Pakatan Harapan chairman also talks about education, scholarships, spending power, affordable homes and growing the economy to help Bumiputeras in his weekly policy talk.

BN has delivered on its promise for cheaper cars

In fact, it has managed to do this while also developing a better public transport system.

Guan Eng, Teng lock horns over traffic, housing issues

The Penang chief minister claims BN has no solution to problems while Penang BN chairman says this is all due to a lack of well-thought-out plans to implement all initiatives they had promised.

Stagnant pay is why people can’t afford homes, says Rehda

Malaysia's largest developer group wants to work with the government to look for solutions.